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:I Guess what I've been doing with my time instead of this.

Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore?

Thus far my favorite bit of lore has been centered on the current expansion pack. ven though I haven't played it to the end yet. Even though I haven't even seen DeathWing (oh wait no, I lied. I have seen him. I was a level 40 or so and I saw him and I trembled. I may have peed a little). Make fun of him all you want, but fuck if he wasn't the coolest, most terrifying thing before anybody actually killed him. Tortured and tormented until eventually going insane; Deathwing would have done what anyone might have in his situation...maybe.

And this RECENT TURN OF EVENTS?!… OMFG recalling that which nearly destroyed us?! Can we control such a force? How-to-level-85-in-1-day.

Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?
So, yeah. Mostly I've done PvE. Let me tell you why. I have done PvP before, in fact I did it a lot during BC and the beginningish of Wrath. Yeah, I'd do bgs and arenas and that bullshit and even gank people (or be ganked) in the world itself. Let me tell you why I dont PvP much. My. Bloodpressure. Cannot. Handle. This. I seriously am screaming at the top of my lungs from the beginning of a battleground until the end. Even though I rank fairly average (in the middle) on the scale of damage done and number of kills, I cannot handle it. Rogues and their stealth powers SOMEHOW ALWAYS TARGET ME. I am not a priest. I AM A HUNTER OR A WARLOCK SO WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT. Secondly, I seem to always find myself either at the very front of the line, being the only person guarding an area, or in the middle of nowhere doing fucking nothing and seeing no action. However, I am always found. Always killed. And always screaming. WHAT IN THE SHIT HOW DO THEY DO THIS. It's annoying that they are TWINKED THE FUCK OUT and I'm in quest gear. It's annoying that there is usually NO FUCKING ORDER AT ALL when doing these BGs (no damned strategy at all) and somehow a rogue. Always.

I've recently gotten in the RP aspect of the game and can I just say that most of these players in WoW are greater rpers and character developers than other places on the internet? Part of me wishes some of my experienced rp friends would come join the fun in Azeroth, but then I have to deal with a snarly worgen, an ex Argent Crusader, and two babies-are-credit-to-team/this-team-is-babies undead belfs.

Day 09 — A screenshot you like.
I dont have one, so instead, please enjoy this classic video.…
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February 9, 2012