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Day 06 — Your favorite quest line?

Ok, my favorite quest has got to be [Lordaeron] for special reasons...........My Dark Lady. UNF.

But another quest that I REALLY FREAKING LOVE is one in Tirisfal Glades where you hand out quests to a bunch of generated characters. JOHNNY AWESOME is freaking AWESOME of course. And his awesome horse Twinkles. OMFG. And ORKAS is a true hero of the horde. OMFG CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE LOK'TAR IS COOKING?!?!?! <3333

Also. Omg. What is more awesome than the nubest of nubs Dumass? NOTHING

Hi Hi. Help!

That quest has zero fighting, zero glory, zero badassness. BUT OMFG IT IS THE BEST QUEST BECAUSE HOSHIT. JUST DAMN. I LOVE IT. AWESOME QUEST IS AWESOME. And the archetypes are just SO DANGED PERFECT. A low level nurp being a NOOB. A blood Elf being a snooty snobby haughty snot. And the level ?? jackass on the epic mount claiming he'll bring back "one thousand skulls".

Others that I really like are;

Extracting vengeance one some belf's husband's hussy mistress by turning her into a rat so that her pet cat Twinkle will eat it. LOOOOOOLLLL.
Digging through Fel Hound poo to find keys for some idiot goblin. The best part is that Feets got "STANKY".
Every quest with Lady Sylvanas ever.

OH YEAH. And the quest involving the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel. FUCKING BADASS QUEST THAT ONE. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT son. Can I just say...Arthas is a motherfucker and I felt super. seuper, super bad for being his evil minion....for 10 seconds :ha:
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Submitted on
February 5, 2012