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Day 04 - Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?

I haven't quested far enough ahead to really know much about the realms further than Nagrand. I have been playing for years and haven't yet gotten a single character to 85. But you know what? I like LORE! I also like knowing about other races and their lore. Lore is important to me and I figure I might as well know as much about it as I can. Nobody said you had to get an 85 first and foremost so pfft. Boo on you if you judge me. :>

Classic: I'd have to say that Durotar was my favorite 'vanilla' zone. I didn't quest much further than that sooooo yeah...:/

BC: This is pretty much where I started taking WoW seriously. I got the BC expansion almost as soon as I got to level 5 in classic (lol level 5) and I was like, MUST HAVE CURRENT EDITION. Despite not completing any freaking thing on BC, I'd have to say my favorite zone was -and I know you're going to judge me- but I really, really enjoyed Hillsbrad Foothills. FOR REASONS OK? When I was just a noob on my first 'main' BffJill- a warlock- I was questing with a spriest (Shadow Priest). We had JUST got out of the fucking Ghostlands and the Dead Scar and all of that insanely long snooze fest that is the initial first "war" a character comes into contact with in that area. We were ready for SUNLIGHT and TREES that were GREEN and ANIMALS THAT WERE NOT PLAGUED/VAMPIRIC/DEAD/UNDEAD. And we were DAMN READY for freaking NEW. So we went to Tarren Mill and did some questing out there (and let me just tell you, HOLY FUCKING SHIT HAS THAT PLACE CHANGED AND FOR THAT I AM SAD). In Hillsbrad Foothills, though, there was this farm full of human farmers and laborers. (It has since been turned into the 'Sludge Fields') but before all of that it was the best damned place ever. Why? Because. Before the ENORMOUS power nerf that occurred with my lock between BC and Wrath, I was damned powerful and loved it. I could take on 10 mobs at once and be fine. I also DID have a priest with me which HELPED A BUNCH. Anyway, my minion would aggro and pull a 10 farmer mob and pull it back to the road where Feets and I were waiting to slaughter them all. We'd slaughter them all, and while we did it we'd listen to the Benny Hill theme song. We literally did this for hours. Hours. And we would die and rez and go back to do it again. Whenever I would die mid battle, they'd go to my little priest ENMASSE and ofc she'd/he'd run like fuck but, if you know Hillsbrad you'd know BEARS EVERYWHERE. So if it wasn't farmers that got you, it was the bears you ran right into whilst attempting to outrun farmers. And for some reason those farmers could stun a motherfucker like it was nobody's business. I'll never understand why they took out Hillsbrad Farms but left the Arathi Highlands completely and totally alone. Pfft. WHY SYLVANAS, my love, WHY?!

Wrath: It was at the very beginning of Wrath that I took my two year hiatus from WoW. I didn't actually get to experience anything from this expansion as it should have been experienced. As stated above, I haven't been able to venture to the 70-85 level zones yet (although I'M ALMOST THERE). I have a feeling that, like most people, I'll really enjoy Icecrown and most other places in Northrend. The lore with the DKs is such a tragic and traumatic tale that I really cannot get enough of. I'm so happy that my first real (heavy-immersion) RP character was a Death Knight because, despite the limitations put upon the class as far as 'feelings' and 'functions' go, it's a beautiful class to expand upon lore-wise. I cannot WAIT to see what becomes of Arthas (though I have, of course, read all about him and Frostmorne and what awaits me in Northrend as a DK when I get there.

Cata: For as much as people HATE Cata, I think Blizz did a good job of spicing up the world with the massive changes. The Barrens were a dragging hellacious bore to quest through pre-cata. I haven't quested through there yet (doing so very slowly with a belf/tauren pair that pretty much take forever to do anything -another heavy immersion rp), but I HAVE flown over it (and lol, ran through it as an alliance worgen looking for a boar pet) and can I just say- WOW! That place is BEAUTIFUL NOW WHAT IN THE FUCK MANG?! I am so looking forward to questing there, which is HILARIOUS because I hated the barrens before. Not as much as the Ghostlands, but still. Anyway, so Barrens for aesthetic reasons only. As far as quests go. HANDS DOWN my favorite place is Silverpine. Can I just express with adequate force that I am completely in love with Lady Sylvanas? The quests in Silverpine, fighting the worgen threat, the quests that are handed out directly by the Dark Lady herself are, without a shadow of a doubt, the quests I treasure the most from this expansion (and I haven't even come to the 70-85 level quests yet). The Cinimatic that comes from her explaining about the horrible Arthas and Frostmourne, the capture of Crowley's daughter, the betrayal of Godfrey (that fucker- I hope I get a chance to kill him later in game for that), sweet Sylvanas' Lament of the Highborne, and oh how I almost ripped apart my computer when Garrosh (who I also hope to maim) called my queen a 'bitch'. Silverpine for quest reasons. And reasons.

Of All Time: Eversong Woods. NOW NOW HAY THERE WAIT A MINUTE OK?! I know it's a starter area, I know everyone who's ever played a belf has been there, I know it's like, totally only level 1-10. But let me just say that this zone is by far the most beautiful location I have ever seen in game EVER. If I could have a miniature of that "set" put under a glass dome to sit on my desk it would be of the springy green-gold grass, the sprawling, spiraling white trees crowned in orange and gold, of the many hills and waterfalls of blue, the ponds and streams and white-wood bridges, even the unsightly dead scar that bisects the beautiful paradise. Let me die there, staring up into the boughs of orange and gold with all the fond memories of idle days in sunlit forests. -Omg how embarrassing did I just really type all of that?! You know what, so what. Sue me. That place is freaking paradise.

I also really really really love Nagrand. The floating islands in the sky are beautiful, and the perfect place for a secret picnic for two people who are just crazy about one another. The Tubulk are, of course, GORGEOUS, as well as the green, green, lush meadows and gently rolling hills, out-of-nowhere plateaus that just beg to be climbed. The beautiful gold and pink skyline at sunset from which you can see planets and moons slowly drifting before the infinite azure and violet beyond. The stars, the clouds, and the sprawling trees wisting in a sensual sway that remind me so much of Africa or the species of bonsai everyone has owned and killed. I appreciate beauty, and (as the rumor goes) Nagrand was created with the image of 'Heaven' in mind. It was born to be beautiful.
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February 2, 2012