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Day 01 - Your first character

My first ever character was a Tauren bull named Frosthip. I was on a PVE PVP server so there was no RP or character development for him. I was brand new and just starting out. Being the animal lover that I am, a giant anthromorphic cow was the obvious choice to make. Hmm, what was his class (this was a loooooong time ago that I created this guy. Like Burning Crusade old.)...I THINK he was a druid, ahhhh yes, now I remember. He was a druid. I remember because that was before all this Cata and Wrath shenanigans where you get cat form at like level two. In BC you got bear form first at like level 10-15 (which I thought was hideous) and then you had to wait for cat form for EVER- which, incidentally, was the part I was most looking forward to. LAWL. I scrapped the character LOOOOOOOOOOONG before I actually achieved the cat form mount because A. I suck, no really, SUCK, at melee attacks, B. healing has never been my bag, and C. it took 10002979829 years to get to cat form and I only just now seemed to realize this was a problem (stuck at level 18 wondering when the fuck I was going to get to the level I needed to get to to become a badass mother fucking lion with bull horns and a nose ring.) Also...Kodo After 18 levels stuck in the Barrens/Mulgore area I was SICK of Kodos and plains striders and harpies. I know. I was a noob. I upgraded to a blood elf. Yep. I'm THAT type of person. Suck it. <3 I love Tauren though and have made several SINCE Frosthip, and even got meself a buncha bully friends from then to now. No hate. Although I tend to agree with my belf- Thunder Bluff definitely needs a burger parlor. What is cooler than cannibal cows? Rly.
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Submitted on
January 30, 2012