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Shark Week: Blue
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Published: August 2, 2011
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Happy Shark Week!

The Blue Shark

The blue shark (Prionace glauca) is a species of requiem shark, family Carcharhinidae, that inhabits deep waters in the world's temperate and tropical oceans. Preferring cooler waters, blue sharks migrate long distances, for example from New England to South America. Although generally lethargic, they can move very quickly. Blue sharks are viviparous and are noted for large litters of 25 to over 100 pups. They feed primarily on small fish and squid, although they can take larger prey. Blue sharks often school segregated by sex and size, and this behavior has led to their nickname "wolves of the sea". -Wikipedia

Dedicated to my shark. :) You know who you are.
Art (c) me
Textures thanks to google images.
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bardicsidheProfessional Interface Designer
Nice shading, Blue! I really like the lighting you used in this piece. I also love the attention to detail - I wouldn't have had the patience to draw out all those teeth. The bubbles in the background are a nice touch, too. :D

Happy Shark Week to j00!
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BlueFlyerHobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Yeee Shark week!
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Niur-TarowHobbyist Traditional Artist
Shark Week!!!!!!! Hells-to-the-yeah! :dance:
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BlueFlyerHobbyist General Artist

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*Insert Jaws theme here, along with certain sharks.*


Shark week is like party week, I'm sure you can predict just what is happening in certain realms where insanity reigns supreme over everything.

I love the little snippet of information about the shark, and I have to say, while I'm a fan of great whites (predictable iknow) the blue sharks are very pretty animals! I wish sharks were more friendly than they are, they look like they would be fun to play games with.

All I can think of at this moment in time is magnets. You know exactly what this means.

I really like the scars all over his poor face D: It must be rough being a shark, they fight with all their teeth - do sharks fight? I've heard that when they mate its really violent. The background looks freaking awesome, on top of all of this retardanese here - seriously, this comment, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH IT?
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BlueFlyerHobbyist General Artist
It never gets easy being a shark.

OMG I should totally make a picture during shark week of my sharkie with magnets attached to him. Only like, you would get it. Only you.

But then again, hardly anyone gets my work except you.


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I dont have cable so i cant watch it. but my sister records it so ill get to eventually
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BlueFlyerHobbyist General Artist
<3 Shark Week is always so fascinating! I love how it has brought more understanding to the animals. We've come such a long way!
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