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so how many "multiple systems" were from this Invocation? the one reason I was pissy with the "soulbonding community" is it merged to much with the "multiple community" and some tulpamancers, and some seriously dangerous, off kilter people with several personality disorders and of course DID(in which some tell me it's not the same, because DID is caused by trauma and is a mental problem)

a lot of "kin" and "soulbonders" and "multiples" and who knows what else, they overlap , they get upset with me when I lump it all together

so, I wonder if this is how "fictional introjects" happen. it's some kind of magic.

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i read it all, its a little bit less then perfect ... well, i see you sometimes use "mechanical" words like programming, technology etc. i also do that, stuff in the quantumphysical realm makes me do that
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I highly doubt I'll ever get into this stuff—seems dangerous and I'm sure I'd end up screwing myself over pretty quickly, even though it is super tempting to try—but it is a fascinating read and the artwork that goes with it is pretty damn cool! I'm hyped for the next installment.
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Thanky! Tune in next time, same bat time, same bat channel! :3
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*Screams eternally * I need the next one. :P
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It'll be out before you know it! :3
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Can't wait for the PDF to come out. Keep up the cool work!
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Ask and thou shalt receive. :3
The Psychonaut Field Manual SECOND PDF EDITION by bluefluke
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keep doing it !!! please 
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Wondeful. I look forward to the next instalment.
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Thankee sai. The next portion is where it gets REALLy interesting. ;)
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Freaking perfect, thank you. It just so happens that I recently started trying to practice astral stuff.
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Thank you kind sir.
Oh man, you're in for one hell of a ride. Astral work is amazing shit.
Good luck! :3
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Thanks. I have to say, it's super tempting to break your rules. I gave a servitor a voice and personality (quickly went bad) and now whenever I try the doppkeganger thing I feel the incredible urge to just get into the thing instead of having it as a separate entity.
Working on this new stuff has lead me to some breakthroughs on how to communicate with the subconcious or whatever you called it. I sat there listening for it and trying to "feel" it before realizing that when I eat a muffin and it tastes and feels good, that's that consciousness communicating it's thoughts or feelings about me eating the muffins right?
In that same sense, the superconscious or whatever it was called isn't putting symbols up in my life or making words pop up in places, it's the part of me that draws the connections between those symbols and words and myself.
It's really fascinating stuff. It's amazing how great the mind works when you shut it up for a few minutes.
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something something conscious multiple personalities, something something inner worlds?

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