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The Psychonaut Field Manual FOURTH PDF EDITION


Chapters 1, 2, 3 AND 4 all in one  PDF.



Project theme:
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…

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This is sincerely fantastic, very beginner friendly and honestly lovely to the eyes. Thank you for the awesome material.

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bro it's been years since I popped my chakras accidentally and couldn't word a proper robot-friendly search on wtf to do with that without getting lost in this and that tens of thousands of pages of religious dogma and you just provided in like 3 paragraphs and a funny drawing thank you!

Thanks a lot pal! I and we really appreciate your information for all the chapters provided. I really love the images also gives me a really good feeling about it. Keep posting!

Your work has been very helpful to me, and is done with beautiful artistry! Thank you

I love your work! Thank you very much <3

Thanks! Your work is awesome!

Love Love Love

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WOW!!! I've been having fun with chaos current since the 1980s and the days of Ray Sherwin and Julian Wilde, and I gotta say this is a very, very special kind of awesome! I ****in' love it!!!! :heart:

Wonderfully creative and accessible intro, thank you for gifting it to the world!

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This was an invaluable resource for clarifying my thoughts and methodology for magick. I'm hosting it at with some encoding adjustments to reduce the size to 10% the original, and now I'm wondering if there's any way to get the text content or even just the fonts used so that it's text-searchable? That would also make it a lot smaller (more shareable) as the text would no longer be embedded in the image

Try ocr software.

Big fan 🙏🏼

Om namah shivaya

WOW WOW - Mind blowing Art creation on this marvelous work and the content is superb. Just what I've been looking for to be clear in many magic topics

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very good work, highly recommended :)

This is a work without precedents, astounding job.

hi, i'd really like to read this but i cannot seem to be able to download nor view online. what can i do?

Love your work, very simple and easy to follow. Just excellent. Don't want to overwhelm you, but do you have in mind to do more chapters? maybe a book? and if it is in the process, do you have any dates? I have curiosity if you have any sources that you would recommend to expand the knowledge.

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i'll be waiting for the chapters 5 & 6, and in the future, i hope to have a print edition, like you mention in that interview. It's just perfect.

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It's excellent!! Amazing!! I

This is amazing, a great work!

Great work! I'm a Dischordian at a Christian seminary, and Chaos Magick is sort of the glue that holds everything together for me. I just printed out your guide to use it as part of my devotional practice this spring. I plan on writing commentary on it. Would it be of any interest of you to see that commentary?

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