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The Psychonaut Field Manual FOURTH PDF EDITION

By bluefluke
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Chapters 1, 2, 3 AND 4 all in one  PDF.
To DOWNLOAD the PDF click the download button.

(PDF UPDATED ON 2/14/2018)

Psychonaut Field Manual COVER by bluefluke


Project theme:
Chapter 1:…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…

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This was an invaluable resource for clarifying my thoughts and methodology for magick. I'm hosting it at with some encoding adjustments to reduce the size to 10% the original, and now I'm wondering if there's any way to get the text content or even just the fonts used so that it's text-searchable? That would also make it a lot smaller (more shareable) as the text would no longer be embedded in the image

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Big fan 🙏🏼

Om namah shivaya

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WOW WOW - Mind blowing Art creation on this marvelous work and the content is superb. Just what I've been looking for to be clear in many magic topics

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epsilonmagickNew Deviant

very good work, highly recommended :)

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This is a work without precedents, astounding job.

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hi, i'd really like to read this but i cannot seem to be able to download nor view online. what can i do?

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Love your work, very simple and easy to follow. Just excellent. Don't want to overwhelm you, but do you have in mind to do more chapters? maybe a book? and if it is in the process, do you have any dates? I have curiosity if you have any sources that you would recommend to expand the knowledge.

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Noctem993Hobbyist General Artist

i'll be waiting for the chapters 5 & 6, and in the future, i hope to have a print edition, like you mention in that interview. It's just perfect.

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Noctem993Hobbyist General Artist

It's excellent!! Amazing!! I

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This is amazing, a great work!

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Great work! I'm a Dischordian at a Christian seminary, and Chaos Magick is sort of the glue that holds everything together for me. I just printed out your guide to use it as part of my devotional practice this spring. I plan on writing commentary on it. Would it be of any interest of you to see that commentary?

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Any chance you might market a print version?

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Perhaps one day you will go back and make edits where you no longer agree with yourself.  ha ha ha.  
(Drink to forget!  lol  Sure that's a good recommendation for people?  I know some alcoholics who see MORE spooks when drunk) 
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I wonder how Bluefluke will feel inclined to rewrite this in 10 years...
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Man, this is so fucking great stuff! I appreciate this immensely.

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How can get this excellent manual in Spanish? :)

Or not exist in Spanish?

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I was already thinking that Lain would be the perfect Godform before realizing that it's what you were alluding to on that page
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LastLodgeProfessional Artist
Thank you bluefluke!
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SkibblProfessional Digital Artist
I can only download 3.5 from the link
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cheshirerotikHobbyist General Artist
But this is really fucking awesome. Thanks for making this!!!
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cheshirerotikHobbyist General Artist
The download link seems to be broken :(
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SkibblProfessional Digital Artist
Hey- download link isn't working for me?
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Hey Mr Blue! Congrats for your work, awesome! Some quick questions:

1. Are you going to include something about Kundalini or sex magic? 

2. What's your opinion on Franz Bardon and his spirits?

3. And, finally, when you fully develop your 3rd eye... can't you really differentiate what is astral and physical? So, how do you deal with real life? (I mean, how do you drive or work without exposing your life to danger?). A good example is the tv series Ghost Wars (, where humans are tricked by ghosts to kill themselves making them see no danger where there is indeed.


PD: now I understand that trickster who comes to my bed from time to time... they scream when they're trapped!
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skullpunk93Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fantastic work, distills allot into a small space, visually sticking
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