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Thanks for making this!
So when you say "ONCE YOU'VE COMPLETED 30 MINUTES HEAD ON TO THE NEXT STEP" do you mean after you've done that step without messing up at all, or after you have attempted that step for the amount of time?
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I'm fairly certain it's when you feel you can comfortably do the first step for thirty minutes.  A LOT of magic requires focusing for long periods of time, and before you can actually focus your mind you need to be able to ignore physical and mental distractions as well as to be able to observe them from a more objective perspective to see what you can learn from them.
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Bluefluke, great work done in getting all the old magick books and all processed into that fine piece but I have a question. The session can be broke apart for the day or each individual meditation set it a session on it's own? I usually do it three times aday with a brief break for fixing my position or getting some water. Again great work and can't wait for chapter four!!
Fuck all that, your work is awesome, ur humor is funny. some tight asses cant get tha broom out passed their sphincter. . There are ways about some people... ugh.. that really turn me off. Perhaps tha same, but im scorpio, im saturnian.
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It's difficult, sometimes. As a "traveling man". I'm sure you've dealt with people making false accusations. Hang in there.
The blue/scottish ranks can wear you thin. Be direct. Please. We are not your enemies. Western civilization and thereby
the dream of a unified world rests on you. I love you. Let's save the world. Please? Please?
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I'm really not sure that using the phrase "don't give up like a pussy" does anything to help your female readers. If you mean something like "wimp" or "weakling" perhaps you should use that, rather than making your text a little sexist.
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When you cry wolf and pretend that something is sexist when it clearly isn't you're arming your enemies with an example of why such claims shouldn't be taken seriously and taking away the weight these words need to have when they are used by a real victim of misogyny. There is a difference between speaking truth to power and regurgitating cheap slogans at every passer by in an attempt to express yourself as a person.
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Slogans? Hardly.

I've got a pussy, I like it a lot, and I don't really care to have it referred to as a symbol of weakness in my occult texts.

You're referring to a part of my body as a symbol of weakness. It's as simple as that. Stop it.

Explain why you think what you've said "clearly isn't [sexist]" when you're using language that uses a part of women's bodies as a symbol of weakness. I'd have thought you'd want feedback to help you dig these sort of minor bugs out of an otherwise interesting and useful text.
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You are a grown ass woman, act like it. There are atrocities of real misogyny happening right now. Where are you? Here, where you think it's easy.
Do something. Do something that matters. Human beings are being buried to their necks and stoned to death and yet, here you are on the internet
shadow boxing an imaginary enemy so that you can feel special without having to get your lazy ass off the couch.
Grow the fuck up.
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You're really throwing around a lot of accusations in my direction, when all I've done is offer some critique of our work. You know nothing about me, and the structure of my life, but you're making all sorts of angry, aggressive assumptions about me. I've not said anything personal about you, and only offered a suggestion of a small change to your work that would make it more accessible, and less insulting for women.

The severe and direct suffering of other humans doesn't in any way reduce the validity of my criticism of your work. Why do you think it makes it less valid?

It's only a little polite criticism, and you're acting like a rather a jerk in response. You still haven't told me why what you've written doesn't refer to women's pussies as a shorthand for something weak.

I guess you don't have any valid reasons, and just don't like criticism of your work.
MsJaye:  I agree w you 100%.  No call for the reply you received.  Very bad form on his part.  Too bad a good writer is so immature when it comes to constructive critique. smdh...
MsJaye I noticed Nathan's (BF) was the only response here,  So I wanna say that everything you said was true, in my eyes.  Started w a small point, but he escalated it, and hasn't in 2 YEARS had the sense to see that. smdh  I guess internet authors are famously thin-skinned, even when they can draw and write a book.  Everyone on here just praises him (which is not very interesting) .
At least you were real.  Refreshers!  
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yoradiq - Dude, grow a spine and stop white knighting.

MsJaye - Let's arm wrestle. Prove how STRONG you are.
Silly question, love the layout and simple, but elegant design.  When I meditate I usually close my eye's.  Should I have them open?
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It can be done both ways but I'd recommend starting with your eyes closed to eliminate distractions.
There are later exercises that require you have your eyes open, generally to focus on an object or to project a visualization but by the time
you're ready to tackle them you'll likely be able to switch into gnosis on the fly and it won't present much of a problem. :3
Question.  Do you do step one a couple times before moving/starting with step 2?  Or do you calm down and then black out the room, light a candle, etc.
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The first step is just mastering the ability to remain still so you'll be able to do so during the follow up steps. Without this stillness meditation won't work. 
Does mentally reminding yourself "Hey, ignore stuff" constitute as noise? 
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Unfortunately, yes.
For me personally the two hardest parts were thinking about not thinking and when I felt the Gnosis kicking in 
I would get excited and the whole thing would fall apart, very frustrating. XD
Since the selfconscious mind can only focus on two things at once, the trick I found was to focus on two separate points at once.
Just skip ahead to the third eye practice of imaging the second mouth in your forehead. Focus on the mouth and feel the touch the air as
it enters into your nostrils at the same time. That's what finally worked for me. 
Good luck! Let me know how it turns out.
I have another question, what can I do about Tinnitus? 
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Honestly, I'd see a doctor. It may not be related as not everyone gets tinnitus from the process. Better safe than sorry.
It could be the beginning of clairaudience. "Some people" say that if you get tinnitus you should meditate and
listen for "chatter" in the noise,
 but that's not my area of expertise and that explanation reeks of woo. 
Good luck!
No, I have always had tinnitus, but I'll keep that in mind!
If your ears are ringing it may be a sign of stagnant energy in the kidneys. When the kidneys have old energy in them they tend to make the ears ring and form anxieties. Here's an excerpt from a book on the subject.…
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