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The Eight Circuits of Consciousness is my illumination system of choice.
It has long served as a more modern agnostic alternative to systems such as the
theologically heavy Kabbalah, Chakras, Alchemy etc.

Unfortunately time has not been so kind to the house that Leary and Wilson built.
I felt it time to update and revise the language/terminology used to match modern
nomenclature as well as patch some gaping holes that could serve as a stumbling block  
to the modern initiate who intends to use it as a tool for a traditional mystery school experience.

And while the very idea that any facet of Chaos magic or Discordianism be held as
unmovable fundamentalist orthodoxy is hilariously counter to the point of the thing,
there are those who will inevitably deem any update to a (half century old)
map of consciousness made by philosophical anarchists as outright heresy.
It's a weird beast, this human creature.

UPDATE: This thingy will now be available as an enormous, glossy ass poster included in the fancy version of my tarot deck.
Once I get a test print back from the manufacturer I'll post images bellow.

Lurv you guys! :3
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Most excellent explainer. I see the insinuation of the pillars of Boaz for Jachin in your system and was curious if it was intentional to rename them Hodge and Podge :p 
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The sacred chao holds essentially the same meaning as the kabbalisic pillars and yin/yang. : 3
It's a bit, or a lot, forced.  Probably in a lot of ways but since I know something about alchemy that becomes the one that stands out to me the most. 
I would like to buy your tarot deck. Is it still available? Thanks for any help.
Why did you use different colors for the chakras? In this scheme, do you interpret them in a different manner?
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I'm attempting to show the similarities between the Kabbalah, the Chakras and the Eight Circuits of Consciousness, all of which have their own individual color schemes.
However, because this piece is tackling the Eight Circuits of Consciousness and is mainly aimed at Chaos magicians, I am using it's color scheme so that practitioners of said
system understand the similarities of the other systems at a glance.
And while I understand that these systems don't translate 1 for 1, I think it's amazing how many of these illumination systems have come into existence independent of each other,
coming to such similar conclusions, using a lot of the same underlying machinery.
I've always been a huge proponent of the various mystical/occult traditions looking past our differences and accepting each other as brothers and sisters rather than distant cousins.
Every tradition has "blind spots" that keeps it from achieving perfection. By opening our doors to other houses and studying their works these "blind spots" become more apparent.
This becomes less a possibility and more of an inevitability in the internet age where so many of us joyfully befriend and learn from each other.
Here's to the future! :meow:
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This image has EVERYTHING!! I'm also working on putting a lot of different schools of thought/philosophies/religions/mysticism in my art now. Thank you for the inspiration dear friend. Love and light.
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Thank you so much! :3
My goal here was not just to explain the methodologies Chaos magicians and Discordians use to
achieve illumination but to show that the underlying machinery is largely universal and that the
majority of mystic/occult systems (both in the east and in the west) are interconnected by a
common ancestor. :meow:
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I just found your illustrations on (I was loosely researching sex magick because I was a little bored at work) and I really want to thank you for the psychonaut field manual. I mean, it's everything I've been searching for about like, 9 months. All the good stuff, without any of the wooh-hah that a lot of these new age theosophic and spiritual books are giving you. I am seriously amazed and nodding my head at everything you wrote. The Kybalion got close but still had this 'wow dude shit is so mysterious' vibe going on. Thanking you from my most inner Self and hoping this reply will reach you and warm your heart :D 
I must know--what is the rationale behind the assignment of these tarot trumps to the 8 circuits?
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I've since revised my hypothesis in regard to the tarot, I'll elaborate further in the next chapter of the PFM.
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I'd be very interested to see your thoughts on the I Ching.
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I don't know enough about it to comment on it unfortunately. Though I do want to study it's tech some day.
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I am not sure what this is about, but I like the eclectic occult vibe a whole lot.
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Thankee. It's called Western Esotericism.
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I was starting to think I really was nuts for believing these things, then just for the first time in too long I actually put the full work into another sigil, results that day. I can't go into specifics, but basically I got exactly what I needed in a way that can only be rationally explained as coincidence. That's how you know you are getting the good stuff.
I think the piece I was missing for so long was the banishing ritual. I got too cocky, stopped doing it, and naturally it stopped working. Just another reminder that I can't just cut out all the hard work.
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Skepticism is a powerful and absolutely necessary tool to avoid being sucked into dead end woo shit but if taken too far it can horseshoe around making you believe equally delusional bullshit and dismiss obvious truths.
Yep, banishing keeps the lines from getting all tangled/jumbled.  I think we all go through a lackadaisical faze but it always comes back to bite us ah ha. XD
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I can see a great mage from here :3
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oh! this looks fantastic!xD tnx 4sharing! ;))
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