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Mega Man 1 - 10 Robot Masters

By BlueFirez88
As of this point, this picture is finished, and I'll be working on related projects.

Update (12/8/2010): Updated MM1 sprites with original 8-bit colors as they were originally presented in MM3. Also added updated Oilman and Timeman mugshots with matching colors. Spacing has also been edited.

Update (7/27/2010): Frames and spacing hopefully finalized. The frames have been given "inner frames" which directly encompasses the mugshots. These already existed on the frames for MM 9 & 10, and were added to the previous 8. The Mega Man 5 frame took the most work as it's size and shape never seemed to come out right until I settled on a more compact design based on it's original, which makes sense to begin with. Working on a super special alternate version of this pic, and the Special RM list is still being worked on, so don't panic. So please, let me know if you like the changes and enjoy!

Update (7/11/2010): This new update features a number of changes which includes some text arrangements as one. The main changes include shadows for the text to be more in line with the later Mega Man games, also makes them easier to read and not so flat. The other major change is to the coloration of the Mugshot frames, also the structure on the Mega Man 2 & 3 frames. Please let me know what you think of the changes. Enjoy!

This is the top secret project I was talking about. A complete list of all 80 Robot Masters spanning the entire original series (Mega Man 1 through 10). This took a lot of time to do with the sprite hunting getting and all the positions right and doing all of the text. So yeah.

Ultimately I think it came out very well and that hopefully it could be expanded with future installments (Mega Man 11/12 ?) Either way, I'll be ready. Till then enjoy!

Also I've been thinking of doing a Special list featuring the main cast as well as the special bosses of the Classic Mega Man series. What do you think?

In case I haven't mentioned this before, all characters and concepts in relation to the Mega Man series are all owned by Kenji Inafune and Capcom! Also Special thanks goes to the teams behind Rockman 7 FC and Rockman 8 FC for developing 8-bit sprites for the Mega Man 7 and 8 characters!
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Who the heck are Timeman and Oilman. What game are they from?

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The Mega Man 1 remake for PSP, Mega Man Powered Up.

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Capcom: okay everyone, we need to make a new robot master.

Toadman: *exists*

Capcom: Genius!
Can't wait to see what you do for Mega Man 11!
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This Aqua man is way better than DC though.    :v
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Why is Time Man red?
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Due to the limitations of the color palette of Mega Man 1.  Purple wasn't really used until Mega Man 2.  Not so much on the Robot Masters, but in the environments and backgrounds.
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Oh, I see, that makes sense now.
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tag yourself I'm hard man
I don't mean to be picky, but you forgot Megaman and Bass
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There was going to be another picture that featured Robot Masters from the other games outside of the numbered installments.  I never actually got to it fully though and the six King robots were to be included.  I was considering updating these pictures in future, but I'm not sure when.
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This is very useful, thanks. Did you really draw all of this? It's quite impressive!
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A lot of this piece compiled sprites from the original 6 games, two fan games (Rockman 7/8 FC) and even the more recent 9 and 10.  Thing like Oil Man and Time man were made from scratch and many sprite were edited.  Overall, I tried to be as consistent with the original sprites as I could.
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still start with metal man. : )
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This would be perfect for me to use while studying Robot Masters.
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I have a good idea for a game mode in Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch: "Copy Robot". Anybody play Garryware before? Well, this is mostly the same, but there are some minor differences. One of which being that you won't find certain games depending on which RM area you're in. For instance, Commando Man's unique one is more or less a game of Minesweeper.
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Love hows theres only one girl in the entire picture 
Great job though
I would love to have a Poster of this.   Unlike the 25th Anaversry Poster   this one has Oil Man and Time Man on it.

Have you ever tought about doing the Mega Man X and other series like this also.
BlueFirez88's avatar…

This is the Print version, so there's some options available.

I've considered at least X in the past, but ultimately, I don't have the time these days to work on something like that.
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