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SWTCW Story - Chapter 3. - Changes and adjustments
(OOC warning)
The last thing I recall was falling asleep in the, what was it called? Infirmary, but as I slowly woke up I felt two arms and that I was carried. Antero? It feels like his arms and the warmth feels alike, but I know that this is just my mind playing tricks on me.
I open them up and saw the white of something, sharpening my vision I notice that this was a clone's armor, but why is a clone carrying me? I don't think we already reached our destination? It only felt like I was sleeping a few hours... Hello what have we here?! It looks like the statues in front of the archive in the cave on Alrauna! Did I really sleep this long?
I returned to my humanoid form, after I yawned and notice that the clone was carrying my bag, so I took it from him. I feel that he appreciates this gesture from me, even if I didn't needed to do that. But that is one of my characteristics and I could make sure that nothing went missing in the meantime, even though I'm sure that no one would
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SWTCW Story - Chapter 2. - A second chance
(OOC warning!)
It has been some time since the Jedi master Kit Fisto and the 212th attack battalion had been picked up by the other Jedi, the Kel’Dor, along with his battalion. If only I wasn't such an idiot I probably would be on Coruscant by now...
The night after they left... my nightmares and ‘visions’ got even worse... Even so worse that those things don't need to wait until the night... They even use these two specific persons to make me lose my mind... My father and... Oh gods... He is there looking at me... Antero, my beloved one... I am so sorry I didn't wanted you to die...
I woke up, again, I’ve lost count at 64 of how often I woke up this whole night, this single night!!
Why are they keeping me from sleeping?! There is so much stuff that goes on in my mind lately, well not like that, the whole time to be more exact...
My duties even kept and are still keeping me from having a normal lif
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SWTCW Story - Chapter 1. - Special Meeting
(Be prepared for OOC!)
Nothing changed, always the same morning, nothing will ever change. Not when I get older, or when I defeat every male in my pack, they will still question me about me being Alpha. I was 8 years old as I had to become Alpha, since my father died that day. Since then I had to fight to at least get some respect from some of my pack, but I can't resent them for it. I mean a 8 year old girl who is an Alpha? It's laughable!
The only way that I get this horde of testosterone controlled idiots under control, is with this power I have, this special ability that I unleashed as I was 5... Since then everyone thought that I was a freak, because it's very strong and I couldn't control it at all... The only people that still got near me were my brother and my mother... But both are gone, forever... The only people that cared about me at all...
It was sometime in the afternoon as I finally made it out of the village for just som
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Twins as twins by BlueFireWolfStar Twins as twins :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 13 3 Mom and son on a stroll  by BlueFireWolfStar Mom and son on a stroll :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 22 18 Jacob and Roy Supernatural AU by BlueFireWolfStar Jacob and Roy Supernatural AU :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 13 0
Jacob Frye x Male!Reader
(y/n) = your name
(y/c) = your country(Either the country you came from or wish you one)
(f/c) = favourite colour
(e/c) = eye colour
(e/n) = ex's name
(e/l/n) = ex's last name
I know, I said that I would write the SWTCW Story, but I really wanted to do a story like that and a quick word of warning, Everyone will probally be OOC and please excuse my writing and grammar! And I wanted it to be a Male!Reader one and when you don't like something like that, then please look at something else.(Why do I have the feeling that mostly of my watchers don't enjoy my stories...?)
I'm suprised everytime what happens when I'm bored! O.O;
You were an assassin from (y/c) and heard in what kind of state London was and so you decided to 'tidy up a bit', maybe you'll meet some other assassins in London after all? So you took a ship/train/carrige and off to London!
First of all, you took a glan
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Sunny Nahste by BlueFireWolfStar Sunny Nahste :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 13 25 New REF 2018  Diana Nahste by BlueFireWolfStar New REF 2018 Diana Nahste :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 13 3
SWTCW Story - Planet information - Basics etc.
Planet name: Alrauna  
Astrographical information
Region: Wild Space/Extragalatic
System: Kamino system
Moons: 3(named Selene, Helios and Eos)
Distance from Core: 70,150 light-years
Obital period: 356 standard days
Physical information

Diameter: 15,742 km
Primary terrian:
Forestsrain forestsmountains plainsoceansdeserts
Atmosphere: Breathable
Native flora: Similar to Pandora of the movie Avatar, directed by James Cameron
Anemonid/FngapsutxwllBanshee of Paradise/AwaieiBeanstalk Palm/TautralBladder Polyp/RawpBja Tickler/Txumtsä'wllCat ear/PamtseowllChalice Plant/YomioangDakteron/Yomhi'angEpisoth/Pxorna'Grub Plant/SngukxHelicoradian/LoreyuHermit Bud/PxiwllHookagourd/Txll'uLionberry/KllpxiwllMantis Orchid/Fwäkìwll(Insekt needed: Mantis/Fwäkì)Panopyra/TawtsngalPitcher/A'oPuffball Tree/RumutPufferScorpion Thistle/TxumpaywllThistle Bud/FkaxakewllTree of Voices/Utral Aymokriyä(Tree of Souls/Vitraya Ramunong)Vein Pod/VarumutWarbonnet Fern/
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AC Syndicate - Jacob Frye  by BlueFireWolfStar AC Syndicate - Jacob Frye :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 13 7
Return to the roots with blood
Another murder, another plea of reinforcement was the thing that forced Roy D’Argies out of his comfortable sleep, he wanted to relax in his free time, he needed to catch up with his sleep, but sadly the murderer disagreed with him there. So he climbed out of his bed and put on his clothes, the revolver hidden in his long twin tail coat, his ID somewhere in the many pockets. Just as he got his boots on there were three knocks on his door and a well known voice behind it “You’re awake Roy? They need you by Victoria Station!” Thomas, as always right in time when something popped up out of nowhere, but still he was a very good friend and since Roy would need to walk from his house in Whitechapel down to Westminster, or by the train or cap, but thanks to Thomas he wouldn’t need to do that. “Yeah, I’m awake! I’m coming Thomas!”
Thomas didn’t need to wait any longer as his black haired friend with the X scar on his face came out of
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'Mom, look what I found!' by BlueFireWolfStar 'Mom, look what I found!' :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 21 12 Lanten-Dragons Adopt Skull Typ by BlueFireWolfStar Lanten-Dragons Adopt Skull Typ :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 16 0 Lantern-Dragons Adpt Cliff Typ by BlueFireWolfStar Lantern-Dragons Adpt Cliff Typ :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 17 3 Lantern-Dragons Adopt Traditional Typ by BlueFireWolfStar Lantern-Dragons Adopt Traditional Typ :iconbluefirewolfstar:BlueFireWolfStar 13 9


AC - Odyssey Alexios and Ikaros Cosplay by RBF-productions-NL AC - Odyssey Alexios and Ikaros Cosplay :iconrbf-productions-nl:RBF-productions-NL 13 0 #16 Betrayal [Voretober] by sniperG1 #16 Betrayal [Voretober] :iconsniperg1:sniperG1 10 0 Damast thorn cloak coat hoody - leather works 2 by SchmiedeTraum Damast thorn cloak coat hoody - leather works 2 :iconschmiedetraum:SchmiedeTraum 8 1 Bloodborne: Arianna by MenasLG Bloodborne: Arianna :iconmenaslg:MenasLG 58 12 Bloodborne: Iosefka by MenasLG Bloodborne: Iosefka :iconmenaslg:MenasLG 80 10 Weird Fox by Sysirauta Weird Fox :iconsysirauta:Sysirauta 68 4 little alarm clock by xDunkelseelex little alarm clock :iconxdunkelseelex:xDunkelseelex 15 3 Commission -  Shora by M-art-works Commission - Shora :iconm-art-works:M-art-works 21 3 Krystal [Commission] by Cajade Krystal [Commission] :iconcajade:Cajade 19 3 Inktober Day 16 by Worldend-Dominator
Mature content
Inktober Day 16 :iconworldend-dominator:Worldend-Dominator 4 0
AfterKill Shower Kaiden by Dragonnerd445 AfterKill Shower Kaiden :icondragonnerd445:Dragonnerd445 3 7 Daily Paint 2155. Great Horned Scowl by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2155. Great Horned Scowl :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 1,682 43 Zane + Bearmon by Koza-Kun Zane + Bearmon :iconkoza-kun:Koza-Kun 28 6 (Gift) Cuddling the Lovebird by TheFreedomFighterX (Gift) Cuddling the Lovebird :iconthefreedomfighterx:TheFreedomFighterX 2 1 Varg and his Kitty Cat by CreativeOwlet Varg and his Kitty Cat :iconcreativeowlet:CreativeOwlet 52 0 .: Searching :. by ancarie-bluewolf .: Searching :. :iconancarie-bluewolf:ancarie-bluewolf 56 9




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Hi I'm Blue! I'm just a random girl here on DA who likes to draw and to write stories! I have a little crew of mine which has the name: 'BlueFireWolfStar Crew', I really love them! I really don't know where I got the ideas of drawing them, but I'm happy that I have those ideas, if I didn't I wouldn't have my beloved crew! I really love Animes, wolves and dragons! Just to let you know, I'm a huge Yaoi-fangirl! My favourite colour is blue, naturally! ;)
Also I like to play games, for example 'Project X Zone'!
And I also love to PR very much! :3

My slogan is: 'We can change, but to what we want and not what others want!'
This little sentence really fits me and I hope you can approve of it! :D

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