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Jaina by Nyaka-N Jaina :iconnyaka-n:Nyaka-N 1,194 34
My first Sengoku Basara oc
Name: Hana Kazuki (She will only give her first when she's asked for her name)
Age: 18-23
Gender: Female
Appearance: Kazuki is 5'7", with deep brown hair that reaches just past her backside when worn down but she usually wears her hair up secured in place by a wooden comb that has seen many battles as it is nicked/scratched in places and the paint is faded; or she has it in two low-hanging ponytails. Her eyes are a light grey that borders on being silver, her skin tone is very light but not quite pale.
History: Kazuki was born out of wedlock to an unknown woman, she was nameless and only a few days old when her mother gave her to her father to raise as she could not take care of her, with tears in her eyes and a broken heart she named her daughter and kissed her forehead before fleeing into the night.
Kazuki's father was Hana Yemon the head of the Hana clan and a married man but he had to confess to his wife Sadashi what he had done nine months ago, s
:iconforestlight:Forestlight 3 3
Character profile Solus-VIII V2
First Name: Solus-VIII
Last Name: Følelsesløs (seems to be forgotten now)
Nickname: S8, The Goliath Man (the average height people sometimes call him), The Nordic Goliath
Gender: Male
Age: 30-40 (biologically), 44 (biologically as allusion to number 8)
Species: Human diagnosed with gigantism, almost like a human alien
Sexual Orientation:
Birthday: August 8
Life Story: The recent story is that Solus-VIII was in deep sleep and coma, he underwent hibernation in his stasis pod, for test subjects, totally naked. After 3 decades, he woke up and saw his visitor.
Eye Color(s): Blue-Slate
Hair Color: Blond
Highlights: 6 implants/transplants meant for his stasis pod for test subject, there will be 2 more. And also 2 facial paints that never go away, as birthmarks
Hair Style(s): Shaven undercut with shoulder-length face-shaven beard without moustache.
Skin tone: Nordic like the Caucassians
:icon8-mister-carlpanda-8:8-Mister-Carlpanda-8 1 0
Inner Plot and Outer Plot: Characters Vs. 'Stuff'
This is an expanded version of my latest "Advice-A-Day" post on my Tumblr.

A story is never just "stuff happening" or "about people." Rather, it is both.
This is a strange phenomenon I keep seeing with new writers as a whole. I keep seeing two things...The writers who focus entirely on characters, but no plot. They develop detailed names with historically accurate and appropriate etymologies, they come up with amazingly detailed and well-designed costumes, they'll make a sprawling backstory that could stand as its own story, and on rare occasions, they'll even give these characters a personality and set of compelling behaviors. There's just one problem: these writers never actually use them in a series. They'll polish the character to a shine, ask for endless feedback from everyone, but then keep it locked up in a storage room. It's like that scene from This Is Spinal Tap where Nigel has that one gui
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 67 19
Yes, you CAN write Original Characters!
Update July 8, 2013: Added Fears 5-9.
Update July 9, 2013: Added Fears 10-12
With all of these guides regarding how not to write an OC, some of which even I've written, there's a lot of people complaining that they're too scared of messing up and being dubbed a Sue/Stu or people thinking their stories are terrible. Here's a post that ought to make you feel better about the writing proccess.
Yes, you CAN write Original Characters!

Below are a list of common complaints people have in the writing process that leads them to either never releasing their stories or feel too scared to work on them.
Fear #1: My story must be perfect before I release it!
Good News: No it doesn't! In fact, you can't reach perfect in the same way you can't reach infinite: you can still develop huge, HUGE numbers, but you'll never even get close to infinite. If you wait until it's perfect, it'll never be released: release it with its warts and all, and you can use your mistakes
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 97 46
The Four Dimensions of Setting - Part 2
Continued from Part 1.
IV. Culture
Where and when the story takes place affects what culture you end up with (or what culture you'll need to build to support a hypothetical place). This is probably the most important of the four elements because it controls what is possible, what is believable, and what you can work with within the story. It is probably the most fun to write (especially for science fiction and fantasy writers), and simultaneously the most difficult when you need to write a complex original setting.
The Basis of Culture
Time for a crash course in sociology! Let's break down society, regardless of time and place, into its most basic concepts (some of which you may have previously seen in my psychology guides). Before we move on, let me remind you that some stories may feature multiple societies, and each will run on its own laws. Within settings, you will have people who follow their own laws and who v
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 16 3
The Shapes of Stories: A look at story structures.
With all of the different guides on how to write, you've probably come across a number of different story structures. So, which one is the best? The answer: YES! But seriously, there are several ways to tell a story in the same way there are several ways to compose music. Some figure these out intuitively, but others (like me for instance) need guides, and here are the myriad ways to shape stories.
The basic unit is always the scene: a series of actions (called beats) that always begin in one state and shifts to another with each action. These actions are often in opposition to one another: one character wants to achieve X, and the other wants to achieve Y, and X and Y are mutually exclusive. These actions finalize at a turning point that cements the new state. A series of scenes is often called an act (though it is possible to subdivide series of scenes within acts as sequences).
But how do we organize all of these scenes/sequences/acts?
Platform and Tilt
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BP: Freebie Brush Pack for FireAlpaca [UPDATED!!] by cocobunnie BP: Freebie Brush Pack for FireAlpaca [UPDATED!!] :iconcocobunnie:cocobunnie 2,892 1,168
The Simple Character Creator Formula
This is a copy-paste (with some additions) from my Tumblr blog (, but it must be reposted.
Twilight of the Hakurei, the club-wide comic tennis/RP (, is turning out just as I suspected: AMAZINGLY. However, one thing that really astounds me is how well the character system is working. If you're not familiar, it's simply this:
1. Pick the character's biggest strength that affects other people. Note the key phrase, "that affects other people." For example, "He's really good at cooking," is not a strength: that's just a regular skill that only applies to one area of life and doesn't really affect others. However, "He's a fast learner," or, "He pays attention to detail," or, "He's very generous," is a strength because it applies to more than just cooking, but any other skill and especially relationships.
2. Pick the character's biggest weakness that affects other people. Once ag
:iconspaztique:Spaztique 1,427 360
The Four Dimensions of Setting
Guide suggested by LightningLord3 and seeker3218.

The Four Dimensions of Setting: A Guide To World-Building

I. Intro
II. Location
III. Time
IV. Culture
V. Events
VI. Putting it all together.
VII. Summary

I. Introduction

If the opening sentence is enough to tip you off, I realized that over all of the topics I've covered, there's two I haven't really gone in-depth to: prose and settings. I've done characters, plot/structure, genre, series creation, and theme, but nothing much on setting (so sadly, this isn't the prose guide yet: I'll do that one later). So, here's a guide to help you utilize setting.
As fanfic writers, many of us think we can get away with skimping on setting because it's one of the things that comes packaged with our fandom. As I've said before, fanfiction allows new writers to only concentrate on plot/theme while the setting, characters, and backstory come pre-packaged. This allows newe
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