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Festival Of Might

Festival of Might Previous Month Theme For January: Glow! Hello and welcome to the ongoing Festival of Might! This is an RNG show that travels around Unicornia with a different themed class each month, and three specific classes for each of the Boucle types! The placings are randomized and the top three in each class will get a ribbon. There will also be an RNG’d Festival Champion who gets a Champion ribbon as well as their placing ribbon. Each entry gets the normal +3XP RNG show bonus, and will also be rolled for a small amount of Unicornian Gold, RNG’d between 2-10. DEADLINE FOR THIS MONTH’S ENTRIES: 20th of January - 23:59 Sweden Time Rules The monthly theme must be obvious; we want to see it big and bold! Art must be fullbody with a simple background at minimum. Literature must be between 300 and 500 words. If you are entering multiple Boucles, literature entry wordcount minimum and maximum increases by 100 words per Boucle (e.g. 2 boucles = min 500, max 700 words, 5

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Horse Career Creator (RNG based)

How to use The below is a system to create a career for your horse and rider. Feel free to edit the system to a way that suits you, such as adjusting the rng to only role scores in the top ten places or adding extra info, such as showjumping times. To use this, copy the below graphs, or make your own using the headings. If you're feeling fancy, you can create a spreadsheet in google or excel. Event, category and level will need to be determined manually. For example, the category, while meany can be standard shows, you can also choose to choose young rider or under 25's for younger competitors. I recommend doing multiple shows at once, to


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 “What on earth are you doing, Harold -?” “This, my good friend, is called the Kozachok. --- Oummph!” A: “Get up from the floor, you big oaf. That’s Ukranian.” H: “Actually -...” A: “Dear friends and fans of the HARPG Champions League - welcome to another exciting day of showjumping! This is Archibald Weatherly and with me I have, as per usual, Harold Hopper, a connoisseur of Russian folk dance but sadly not our next world champion in squat dancing.” H: “Hahaha, spasibo my friend. Maybe not, but definitely the world’s best showjumping commentator. Yes, boys n̵

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Feather brushes

I recently made some brushes for painting feathers/wings. You can download them for free if you type 0 in the "name a fair price" box!


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