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Minecraft Aether Moa Fursuit mask Collage



Meet Zyk, head of the Aetheral black and red Moa army.
Zyk is a special moa, gifted with extreme intelligence, She can see auras, and is very adamant about making a good name name for the otherwise dumb moa population.
She knows that there are other moas out there. Ones with the ability to speak, like her, and even learn how to read. The trick is finding them. She amasses moas with anything strange about them, whether they have strange talents, or just signs about them that make a good moa. She, after watching the humans in the Aether manipulate metal at a blacksmithing forge, has learned how to make lightweight, yet durable armour to aid her in battle.

She took me about 9 hours of work..
I'm very proud of her!
If you are a minecrafter, please check out the Aether mod, the very mod that inspired my hard work!…
I also created their new Moa model that will be added in the 1.6.4 mutation update.…
Would you like a moa mask of you own?
Note me for details!
15% of proceeds will go to the Aether team!
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I'm curious as to how you attached the plumage to the resin blank?

This looks gorgeous!