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Multiple Exposure

By BlueEyes08
This is a self portrait multiple exposure photograph taken with a 35 mm Nikon and developed in the darkroom.
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This deviation has been featured in a news article about prints created in a darkroom.

You may find it [link] . Make sure to check it out and if you like it to favorite it. The more favorites, the more people who will see it!
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Out of this world
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how did you do this?
i REALLY want to try to do this.
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Multiple exposure is a bit of a tricky process but I can explain it if you really want to try. Do you shoot with 35 mm?
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:no: No. I shoot with my lame digital camera and I have no knowledge about cameras or photography at all. =(

But well, I adore this! :heart:
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some digital cameras that are point and shoot cameras actually have the option to create multiple exposure. the majority of advanced point and shoot cameras have the option too. but it comes standard on all dSLR cameras now. or you can just take two pictures and put them in photoshop and create a double exposure that way. i personally work in the darkroom with film by shooting and processing and working wih my own images that way. as well as working with my dSLR. i actually have 2 35mm cameras lol. im gonna be a photo major, BFA. newer 35mm cameras usually have a setting that you use and it already knows that youre using more than one exposure. older ones, you have to shoot the whole roll, and re-feed the leader of the film to reshoot on the same roll again. a lot to know but if you have any questions, message me and ill tell ya whats up =]
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