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Masks Brushes for Gimp

#)30 Large Mask brushes for gimp, enjoy!
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This is really usefull, but I've got a question..
Once I paste a picture as a new layer, it turns into black and white, and I've got no idea how to change that...
Can you help me?
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Thanks for the magic! (of the brushes!)
Just wanted to know how to use these in GIMP. You can reach me at any help will be greatly appreciated.

These are very nice! I am new to Gimp. Is there a link with a tutorial that shows how to use them?
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These have been, like, saviors to me for a layout I was making for use on Freewebs (no worries, I'm crediting you!). Thanks for making them, they were exactly what I needed. Great work!
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Hmm ... what's a mask brush?
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nice, thanks for sharing :D
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Wh-Where do you get your brushes at?!Nee???I checked everywhere and I couldn't find it...unless...You make it?(That'll be suugoi)
It's very pretty useful,I needed somethin for a certain thing~ ;3 Thx
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I had needed some too so thats why I made them , anyway sometime if you need a custom made brush just give me a yell I can probably help out, thanks for the fav too..tata..Magickman
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*sparkly eyes*:giggle:!!Que Bueno~Gracias!!!!But how can I put it on meh Gimp?:love:
Great stuff!
I think I'll find them very useful <3
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