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I decided to start devoting more of my time to creative stuff, rather than just work and sleep, so what do I do? ENTER A TOURNAMENT! Not only does it provide me with a chance to practice my drawing and colouring skills(which I seem to be lacking), but I also get to focus on my X-Men obsession! Woot!

So this tournament is being held by :iconthebrotherhoodclub: and :iconevo-obsessed-club: To enter you must design/use an X-Men:Evolution OC(which can belong to the Brotherhood or the New Recruits) and provide an introductory comic that shows how they discovered their powers and of course, a profile. So here's my profile for Phantasma!

I didn't want to simply call her 'Phantom' or 'Chameleon', although I was really tempted to. So her codename comes from combining the word 'phantom' with 'fantasma', the Spanish word for ghost(Or so Google Translate tells me).

Name: Nina Brown
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 4' 11'' (Yes, she's rather short, but she's the kind of person that doesn't care. Anyone would be able to get away with as many short jokes as they like.)

Powers: Invisibility. Nina can also make other things/people invisible, but only to an extent. She has to be touching them and can only effect up to the size of five average people. Sometimes she turns invisible in her sleep.

Profile: Pretty much everything is already up there. Although I will add that she's open to working as part of the group, she just wont be doing backflips about it.

Art?: You don't see her in her New Recruit Uniform simply because when I started drawing, I hadn't decided what team she would be on. So all you get is her civies.
The outfit in the main picture is what she would choose to wear if she knew she'd be using her powers and obviously if the uniform wasn't required, because it's less clothes to be making invisible. Also, she's slowly becoming invisible there. That wasn't a lame excuse not to attempt hands or feet... No... Not at all... >.>
The top small picture is her more casual clothes that she'd be relaxing in at home, probably with a pair of jeans. She likes her t-shirts to have something on them. A cookie for any one who realises where the "Grr... Arg..." comes from.
The middle picture is just to show how I'll be drawing Nina when she's invisible. I got the idea from Raven from Teen Titans. [link] How her hand looks when she's using her powers.
The last picture... just to show what it looks like to someone else when she's invisible? That dog is clearly confused. "I smell person, but person is not there..."

Also, this is the... fourth? time I've EVER coloured anything digitally and I did it with a mouse. I had to scan in my drawings, go over them and then colour.

Comic Page One [link]
Comic Page Two [link]

Phantasma/Nina Brown belongs to me.
The X-men: Evolution universe obviously does not.
The blank template can be found here [link] Made by :iconblazerocket:
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Ooooh...Nie character btw---HEY, where she go???Lol :D Good luck in the tournament!
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Thanks! And don't worry, she'll reappear... probably behind you
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Great power, I love the thumbnails!
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Thank you! I love your character by the way! I was still designing Phantasma when I saw her. I can imagine how the two of them would interact!
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Haha thanks! I can as well
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Yay, invisibility! :w00t:
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Oh wow~ Another invisable mutant XD
At least Dru's with the Brotherhood~ Very cool. You've put a lot of thought into your character.
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Should make things interesting! I wonder if they'll be able to see each other?
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Maybe~ *ponders on it* It would definitely be interesting meeting XD
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