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Phantasma Appears Page Two

I decided to start devoting more of my time to creative stuff, rather than just work and sleep, so what do I do? ENTER A TOURNAMENT! Not only does it provide me with a chance to practice my drawing and colouring skills(which I seem to be lacking), but I also get to focus on my X-Men obsession! Woot!

So this tournament is being held by :iconthebrotherhoodclub: and :iconevo-obsessed-club: To enter you must design/use an X-Men:Evolution OC(which can belong to the Brotherhood or the New Recruits) and provide an introductory comic that shows how they discovered their powers and of course, a profile.

This is the final page to my comic. THIS WILL BE UPLOADED IN COLOUR! I've only uploaded the sketch because I wont have time to finish the colour one before the deadline. I will update this as soon as the colour one is finished. Although the point here is that she is invisible, you can see through her hand here. I'm sure I got that across anyway.

The stuff on the wall is mostly random. I just didn't want to be boring and have a plain wall there. Also, I cheated again and drew around my own hand for this. I am not yet confident to be drawing hands the hard way, especially so close up.

References: There's some references on that wall. A cookie for each one you spot. There are...
Six(or Seven, depending on how you count one of the names) fictional characters directly named.
Two Doctor Who references.
One Friends reference.

Comic Page One [link]
Phantasma Profile [link]

Nina's hand and the rest of her belong to me.
None of the referenced characters/actors/shows do.
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Oh man, the bulletin board kills me in the best possible sense. Especially the dog one! Also, I really love how you managed to pull off the invisibility. Such a neat effect that works so well with the pencil and your shading.