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Phantasma Appears

I decided to start devoting more of my time to creative stuff, rather than just work and sleep, so what do I do? ENTER A TOURNAMENT! Not only does it provide me with a chance to practice my drawing and colouring skills(which I seem to be lacking), but I also get to focus on my X-Men obsession! Woot!

So this tournament is being held by :iconthebrotherhoodclub: and :iconevo-obsessed-club: To enter you must design/use an X-Men:Evolution OC(which can belong to the Brotherhood or the New Recruits) and provide an introductory comic that shows how they discovered their powers and of course, a profile.

This is page one of my introductory comic! Even though there's only one more page after this...

I was trying to be funny in the title part. So polite fake laughs at least, please?

I cheated with the door and the radiator. Copy and Paste saved me from too much fussing over stuff looking exact.

Let me remind you, digital colouring, hands, feet, proportions and perspectives are all foreign concepts to me, but I did my best. Any constructive comments will be appreciated. Again, I scanned in my drawing then drew over it and coloured in GIMP.

I apologise for the overload of green and red. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Christmas maybe?

Two parts of me argued about whether or not to make the text boxes transparent. One part wanted to use them to hide the parts I'm less proud of, the other thought that I'd worked too long and hard to hide my effort. The second part won and I like to think it looks better that way.

The last panel is how I'll be drawing Nina when she is invisible. As mentioned in her profile.

Comic Page Two [link]
Phantasma Profile [link]

Phantasma/Nina belongs to me
So do the two girls, but they're rather stereotypical and will never be seen again.
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(Totally getting a blast from the past with all of these getting added to the new club. :XD:)

"Little Miss Sunshine" kind of looks like a blonde Amy! :XD: