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Older Nina

Finally! Here she is! Older Nina! Honestly, at first I wasn't very happy with how she came out, but then I looked back at my original profile for her and changed my mind. Personally, I think in the short time if the tournament I have improved significantly. I'm certain that is not only because of how the phase pushed my art skills, but also how it and the other contestants inspired me so much. So thank you guys!

Of course, there are still things to improve on, so I shall be tutorial hunting again soon! If anyone can point me in the direction of some good tutorials/references for hands and feet/footwear, I would forever be in your debt.

I tried out a new way(for me) of shading on this one! I like it better than my previous works. What do you think? For some reason, I felt the need to add that shadow in there, but I'm not too sure about it.

About her outfit! Nina still very much thinks "Less clothing means less things to make invisible." Although her motive for that is now laziness rather than still learning about her power. It's also tight because no invisible person should be wearing big coats that make flapping sounds in the wind or could hit someone they're running past. It's just not sneaky! When deciding on the colours, I looked up the future X-men from the last episode. Some had progressed to pure black, while others still had that blueness to them. I started out with the blue, but decided it just wasn't Nina and so switched to black.

I put her hair in her usual braids, but Older Nina isn't so insistent about having it in them all the times. So she'll often leave it hanging loose, usually when she is lazing about. I need to draw that...

Older Nina's Profile!

Name: Nina Brown
Codename: Phantasma
Age: 21
Height: 5 foot (That's right! Five years and she never got that growth spurt!)

Powers:Invisibility. Nina's range of making other people invisible has just about extended to about a dozen average people, although the top end of that number will tire out and she does have to be touching all of them. She's now practising the art of partial invisibility for her own amusement. So she could actually be a headless ghost for Halloween.

Profile: Being with the other recruits in the anneX for so long has forced her to be a little more social. Only with them however. Everyone else is kept at as much distance as possible. She is still tactless and quick to speak her mind, but will now apologise if she believes she has been unnecessarily hurtful. She still considers her powers to be a way of not being anywhere she doesn't want to be, but is happy to use them to help out on missions. Having become used to life in the anneX and familiar with Bayville, Nina decides against moving back to England, instead visiting every summer.

Out of all stereotypically English traits, Nina really only has a love of crumpets. Not being a fan of anything caffeinated, she only drinks tea when she needs help staying awake or when she's socialising with others who are drinking tea. (So not very often.) She likes all biscuits, but generally prefers chocolate chip cookies, which is specifically what she's referring to when she says 'cookie'.

Nina Quotes (Some of these could have been said by the younger Nina too)

If there really is some guy out there destined to be with me, he'll find me, because he already knows I wont make the effort. (Older Nina. Younger Nina would have said romance was overrated.)
What? I stuck to the original colours, didn't I? (Older Nina)
I'm so proud to be a part of the X-men, saving the world and protecting blah blah blah... Can I have my cookies now? (Both)
And the Danger Room helps with MY powers... how? (Both)
Why don't you bloody people ever have any crumpets? (Both)
Okay... I'm leaving now. (Both)
If I was meant to not go wherever I want, I wouldn't have been given invisibility. (Both)

Nina's Original Profile [link]

To see other older versions of the XM:E OCT Crew, click the [link]

:iconwater-earth-fire-air: also did a short comic of The Older Trio of Awesome Cuteness [link]
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