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This work started at April 5
one month passed..
it was first time to drawing background without outlines. so hard to me....Changing tone, Erasing and drawing again.. I almost gave up completing this thing and forgot.. during one month. But I just found it today, looking around the folder which i saved my pictures. And retouched it a little.

Theme was "Sonic Rainboom." But now, it is just RD with landscape that is not even similar to Cloudsdale. :(
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Wow ! That awesome ^^ 20% cooler than some other RD painting. It's really cool and the lightning is well done !

But maybe her left wing is... a bit too thick. In my opinion
This thing is amazing.
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hey im not one for beaty but if u do that rarity is always thereRarity (Puppy Dog Eyes) Plz Rainbow Dash (Aww) Plz 
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What , your dissapointed for?!
It looks more than 20% cooler it look 200% cool
i wouldn't be able to draw like this in 10000000 years and you say you don't like it!?
Bite your tongue this is the best RD drawing I've ever seen , the quality , the colors , the landscape , so what if its not Cloudsdale? ITS PERFECT
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This is beautiful!
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I really like this one. The wings look a little round and shapeless, but other than that, it is pretty astonishing. I love the lighting and the rainbow! The background is also rather pretty, despite it doesn't look like Cloudsdale. Who knows where she is?
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I actually quite like the 'shapeless' wings, because they add some individuality.
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This one has blown me away, and I am greatly impressed! :D I love how you did Cloudsdale in the background like that. Cloudsdale is one of the harder places in Equestria to draw, but it gives the artist a challenge and this one is fantastic!
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oops im mean

oh yeah
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The background almost reminds me of interpretations of Mount Olympus, with the Greco-Roman architecture and the softness of the colors, presence of contrast due to shade, and just the vastness of it all. I love the way Rainbow's looking over at the viewer with that classic Rainbow Dash smirk of hers, and the rainbow she seems to have left in her wake, providing a splash of color to an otherwise-grim and imposing landscape. And your coloring of her is almost flawless. Her front right leg seems to be a bit shiny, but that's a nitpick really.

Wonderful piece.  ^_^
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That looks like the Shadow kingdom, good work.
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okay your just rediculously good at clouds aren't you. how!?
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Rachael dowd (as seen in [link] is a similar (not by coincidence) Deus ex OC.
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that is sooooooooooo cool
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This is truly awsome!
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Hi I just wanted to say that you're shading really payed off!
This is just, so gorgeous! I still can't believe this was your first time
drawing a background without any outlines, it's astonishing how well it came
out and the hard work really shows through it! Down to the vanishing clouds and
the faint traces of a rainbow it's so lovely and well-thought out. Her expression
is perfectly captured and I really do love your lineless style and shading as always,
I know just too well how long it takes to pull something like that off and I'm just
inspired to say the least! Just keep on drawing! As for improvement all I have to say
is just try to go outside of your comfort zone and you'll surprised to see just how much
more you've learned as a result. As always anatomy is something everything can work on
but overall this is a stellar picture! I love it! ^-^
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