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Gilda N RainbowDash rock band

I drew this, listening to "Jump" by Van Halen.
That song made me lively

I like not only ponies but also Griffon. Gilda..

Then the band name is.......
20 times cooler? ^^;;
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So, when's their next tour date? Sign me up!
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Awesome!! :D Pinkie on the drums, yeeaaah! |¯|
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And a Dragon! They got a Griffon and a Dragon...and in a twist it is revealed that the silhouette on the drums is not Pinkie, but someone else...
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Nice guitar designs! :)
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Rock on, you two gals! ;D
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Yeah, she finally got her duty as a friend, yeah, strum dat guitar!
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I was listing to this… while looking at this
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ssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooo AWESOME
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Deviantart just got ....
20% COOLER!!! hehe :33
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this.. is.. FREAKIN AWESOME!!
Great guitar designs!
Also: Pinkie Pie at the drums, that's gotta be a jam!
And Spike at keyboard! We already know he can play that!
Absolute awesome!
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I have my wallpaper set to rotate every half hour. Every time I flip to my desktop and this awesome picture is the background, I just have to smile. Awesome work!
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Awesome expression on Gilda, and glad to finally see someone drawing her beak right.
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Make pics of the other members.
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Well, if we go by personality, Gilda would be Fred Durst. Don't know about Dashie, though.
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Tenacious P! XD
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This band found a new fan right now in my person :D
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now that's badass! :P nicely done
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How dose a horse use a guitar?
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