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Christmas 3312 by BlueDragonRose Christmas 3312 by BlueDragonRose
My entrie to :iconbluedragoneye: Contest called Christmas 3312................

Here in case no one can read it

Panel 1* The little girl smiles as she looks at her Candy Cane Christmas tree and Gifts.
Panel 2* The little boy giggles at the gift wrapping robot
Panel 3* The small child sleeps as he is given sweet Christmas dreams but he is not alone he never is.
Panel 4* Walking through the snow hearing it crunch, makes me hear the word form that old Christmas Song *Silver Bells* “Hear the Snow Crunch, see the Kids bunch”
Panel 5* “This is Santa’s big Scene”
Panel 6* It is Christmas 3312 mankind has been enslaved by and advance alien race, hidden in labs where they are in an never ending sleep feed dreams. So these Aliens can feast up on their emotions, hidden except for one night a year when a single star shines down up on these labs. A team has been form to find these labs.
Panel 7* Called the Santa Rangers the leader is dress as Santa as he leads his team dress as reindeer to these labs.
Panel 8* We follow this star through the night arriving at the hidden lab, we slip inside while the aliens are busy feasting upon human dreams. Using our Santa Specials we lock up on to our alien targets.
Panel 9* Lock on target we open fire.
Panel 10* Christmas 3312 we followed the Christmas Star Liberating 12 Labs that night. So you better watch out you cannot hide for Santa Rangers will be stopping by. This is Santa Victory Ranger 1 with his Santa Special and 88 tiny reindeer.

How the story goes..............

Christmas 3312

Walking through the snow hearing it crunch, makes me hear the words form that old Christmas song Silver Bells “Hear the snow crunch, See the kids bunch, This is Santa's big scene And above all the bustle you hear, Silver bells, silver bells, It's Christmas time in the city” Like an old haunting melodies it fades away with the winter time winds. Its Christmas time again we follow a bright light in the sky we have to for there are no longer stars at night the moon dead and gone this lonely star that shows up each year around this time the Christmas star leads us to our goal. Christmas 3312 that children nestle all snug in your beds because Santa Claus comes tonight.

The little girl smiles as she looks at the Candy Cane Christmas Tree and all of the presents.

The boy giggles as he watches the gift wrapping robot tying up ribbons and strings placing gifts under the Silver Christmas Tree.
The small child sleeps as he is given his sweet Christmas dream but he is not alone he never is.
It is Christmas 3312 most of the humans are trap in never ending dreams induce by an advance alien race. They came without warning enslaving mankind placing them in far away buildings hidden form our primitive technology, the feed the humans visions of Christmas of candy cane trees, robots, toys, yams all the things they believe our Christmas to be, as they feast upon their emotions and dreams. But they do not know what Christmas is. These buildings are hidden from us except one night, every Christmas eve it comes shining bright in our now starless night and when we follow this solitary stare we always find it shine down up on a far out of the way building reviewing to us for just this one night the secret alien lab. We go in dress in red we are the Santa Rangers we rescue humans form their never ending sleep the leader is dress as Santa he is followed by his squad dress as reindeer we go in and shoot the Aliens and awaken the children and the others as we move on for this star only comes once a year to remind us there is hope for mankind This is Christmas 3312 and I am Santa Victory 12 Ranger.
bluedragoneye Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow this is sweet good luck
BlueDragonRose Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010
bluedragoneye Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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