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Where only Dreamers dare to go by HowlingHills Where only Dreamers dare to go :iconhowlinghills:HowlingHills 2 3 Yellow Rose by HowlingHills Yellow Rose :iconhowlinghills:HowlingHills 1 3 13th Birthday Installable Journal Skin by bionikdesign 13th Birthday Installable Journal Skin :iconbionikdesign:bionikdesign 299 165 RFS13 by JAGPhoto13 RFS13 :iconjagphoto13:JAGPhoto13 2 11 color in a black world by she-is-so-fly color in a black world :iconshe-is-so-fly:she-is-so-fly 13 3 Orange tree by MadLia Orange tree :iconmadlia:MadLia 2 1 Meme: If I was. . . by Frizz-of-Fury Meme: If I was. . . :iconfrizz-of-fury:Frizz-of-Fury 439 64
The Jealous Sun
The Jealous Sun
The cloud wrap around the mountain like a coiling snake from his life blood her fang did drank
She folded him into her soft embrace, while she rubs her body against his ancient hard face
Where the fierce winds carried away her lover's moans, as she mates this male made of stone
Until the fire goddess does arise smiting her lovers ho, as she burns the clouds from her skies so with her lover now she can lie
As the mountain embrace the sun he lays with her until night time comes
Then he embraces the stars and mates the heavens from afar
When the clouds sweeps across the skies with him again she does lies until sun goddess once again dose arise fill the heavens with her jealous eyes
:icondarksidebluedragon:DarksideBlueDragon 2 0
Flying without wings
Flying without wings
I'm flying
I'm flying without wings
The world ceases to mean anything
The wind has finely died
The seas have all gone dry
And my eyes have lost sight
Sight of the night when we were one
One soul cries
As my lips whispers sweet lies
Lies of you and I
My soul creeps across the sand
My fingers split away from my hands
As fall I slip away from the start
There was nothing of me
From the start I was alone
Skies no longer know the color blue
Blood no longer red, black up on the rocks below
Below the sea the waves are turn to stone
Seagulls fly backwards through time
Screaming death name so sublimed
Faceless souls walking by
Walking into the pass
Brown dead grass cutting to the bone
Since when have we been meant to be alone?
Space races towards the sun
Moon falls for there is no longer anyone to hold her up high
High on rolled smokes
Wet kisses from breathless fish
Rotting in the sun as the sea swallows up the dead
Dead smiles upon skull heads
Heading off towards the citie
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 8 1
White Walls
White Walls
Have you ever enter a white room
Walls, ceiling and floor all white
The room empty nothing inside it but you
You walk barefoot across the floor for it makes no sound
Sound you know would only echo back at you
Slamming into your brain every scream every shout your soul has scream
Your eyes look around no longer seeing color
Sitting down upon the white floor, ceilings so high
They seem like white skies
So white so bright there inside this white room
Yet you feel so cold for this white
Holds no warmth for it is hallow like you
Ever notice how an empty room
Feels like the emptiness inside you
As you lay down upon the floor and look up at the white skies
It feels like it is snowing inside
But no snow comes falling down
To tickle your nose or to kiss your cheek
You find it strange how could something so bright
Be without warmth but then you notices the light
Are not from the sun, its fake UV-Rays hold no warmth
Just a flickering false sun, faking your eyes into believing
This whi
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 6 2
My Run Away Blu by bluedragoneye My Run Away Blu :iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 9 10
Shy and the Dragon Boy
Shy and the Dragon Boy
Shy groans as she opens her eyes "what happen?" she mutters to herself, though her voice came out shaky showing how much she was afraid she finds she is alone. Though moments ago she had been out with some of the other girls from her village, they were out in a field gathering a plant called wild blue dragon's tale to make tea with. It was called this for it was a strange shade of blue and was long twist stem where the flowers grew like dragon scales along it.  
Her name was Shy short for Shyllow name after her great, great grandmother Blue Shyllow she was elf as were everyone else she knew her people were lucky for they lived in a valley deep in the mountains not many even knew they were there for who would be foolish enough to climb such sharp steep mountains? So Shy had never seen any other creature then elfin in all of her 73 years life she was quiet young still must elfin girls did not marry until they were at least 75, 80 it just so happens that h
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 7 0
I know why the cage bird dies
I know why the cage bird dies
I sit here in my tarnish gilded cage
Seeds of my dreams scattered up on the floor
Feather molting dropping off one by one, now they are gone
Songs sung as a way they did soar
A wire rusted and bent twisted around the lock on my door
My once shiny mirror cover in filth as it hangs by a tread of my shame and my guilt
No longer do others come to admire my song
No longer do they come to sing along
The cat stares his dead eyes set to leap one final time to break my neck
Beak crack and torn form years of trying to escape
As slowly time ticks away sealing in my fate
Marks up on my forthcoming grave carve in stone is the final date
Song birds sing outside the windows to my soul
As they fly by free as a bird as I sit here waddling in my words
The creaking of my once adored swing, reminding me of once greater things
Once my dreams where bright shiny and new
Once I had dreams just like you
But time seem to shatter my bones splitting into my breast
Laying my heart at
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 10 0
I do try too
I do try too
My words cry they weep
As my blood seeps into the ground
Flowing oh so deep while the flowers lay asleep deep, deep down
Rain falls like my tears but rain she has no fears
She has no pain she just falls all the same
My heart she aches she wants but to tell others it only taunts
Feeling of sorrow feeling of hurt feeling dirtier then dirt
I twist my soul into a knot wonder what the hell have I forgotten
While my mind lays here slowly rotten
Worms making meals out of the way I do feel
Stones are cold hard but still the grow moss life lives where as my stone heart does not
Splitting open my soul only shows that it is not whole though it is filled with holes
No Knows no one knows how to be one with me
But then I again nor do I as I lay here and cry
I weep I sleep I just wanted to believe
But I look out at this world and am lost
As my soul is toss like a bath tub boat up on the might sea
It's just a drop of sand in an ocean of hurt
But if I do not let it out it will only get wor
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 7 2
Twisting turning lover's souls are burning
Twisting turning lover's souls are burning
I grab you do you feel my touch
I hold you tighter then a drum
Away with you I do run
Words they are there twisting your soul
Twisting you to and thro
God how I want to dance words with you
To tell you things only your soul knows
Speak to me what your heart can no longer bare
I know this is not fair
Share with me whisper words of another
I do not care for we still love each other
Words are flowing inside you like your blood it's pumping through
I hate that your words they do creep away from your mind
They dry up like an old pen way before our time
Pluck a quail feather dip it in your blood
Write out with this red ink the powers of your love
Dip you quill into my soul write down on paper made from my sins
Dance a pen across paper souls
Like a lover's song, sing to me of all that is wrong
Take the bones of the dead bury them deep in my heart
Suck the life blood from my wounds as dust gathers in my mind
Fingers dip in the sea write of lovers one,
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 6 0
Do I tell lies?
Do I tell lies?
Alright you caught me I'm a fake, a false, a lie
I told you tall tales, I told you stories untrue
Oh hells bells you found out goody, goody for you
My rage is a sage
My anger a fool
I don't walk up on rainbows
And I don't make shoe stew
I don't dance with leprechaun
Or fly with fairies
I don't own a unicorn
And I don't hate strawberries
I have never been to the moon
Nor do I own Mars
I do have a spoon, though I don't play guitars
I eat candy bars while still in their wrappers
I lick ice cream off that drips onto my hands
I don't sell lemonade
But I do know how to stand
I did not teach spiders how to weave webs
But I have taught spiders to stay dead
I'm never going to fly a plane
Or run faster than a train
I can leap a candle
But not too quick
I've seen a horsefly
I've seen a housefly fall into my stew
I've heard a rubber band
I've seen a hotdog stand
I do tell tales
I do weave stories
And I do love you
:iconbluedragoneye:bluedragoneye 5 3


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