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My Little Pony: FIM 'Text Name' Wallpaper Megapack

After a couple of days of projects and things in mind I bring you this Mega Pack wallpapers are 22 in total, including characters such as Derpy, Lyra, Bon-Bon, Carrot Top , etc ... but I want to do even more but will have to wait.

Unfortunately now I have the names of those who made the vectors, but soon will place them, I always placed ;)
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so cool! 8D can't wait
SlyFoxCl's avatar
que wena felicitacines nuevamente!
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words so many (love it)
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I like this.
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Pretty cool!! :squee: this is very amazing!! This one rocks!! :headbang: I love it! :love:
serpenttao04's avatar
Hoyt-the-mage's avatar
Esto es simplemente demasiado genialoso...:iconawesomenessplz:
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Bajando!, Muy Buenos fondos! :D
Felicitaciones, y continue su trabajo!
Mia-Takamory's avatar
;3 the cuteness overload is amazing. I love them all!
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I love these :D now... should i use the fluttershy or the rainbowdash?
TheZeroTeam's avatar
Use the Boreal pack instead, and take the Mane6 picture if you can't decide.
It has both Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.
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thanks, but that comment is kinda old now o3o
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liaysgdfhbaseyfghkaberjfgbadhnfguyabuedvbfg :D
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Hipster de mierda :heart: :XD:
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Me acordé del Leo :XD:
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no puedes postear un gato sin terminar hablando del Leo (créeme, lo intenté XD)
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