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My Little Pony FIM Mini-Pack Wallpaper Princess Ed

I guess I still remember my old style of wallpaper right? Well here I bring this "mini" package with 2 wallpapers, one of the Princess Luna and other Princess Celestia, I hope you like it!, Now, congratulations for the beautiful vectors.

Princess Luna:

Principal by keinzantezuken :iconkeinzantezuken:
First Vector by jamy-jamy :iconjamy-jamy:
Second Vector by juicy-cactus :iconjuicy-cactus:
Third Vector by blackm3sh :iconblackm3sh:
Fourth Vector by vexorb :iconvexorb:

Princess Celestia:

Principal Vector by Me
First Vector by takua770 :icontakua770:
Second Vector by theaceofspadez :icontheaceofspadez:
Third Vector by misterlolrus :iconmisterlolrus:
Fourth Vector by heart-of-stitches :iconheart-of-stitches:

If you do not remember or do not know what it is, maybe you should look at these 2

Bye bye, thats all, thank you! I love you guys :D
© 2012 - 2021 BlueDragonHans
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The wallpapers have been doubled!
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could you possibly turn this to a png like the other ones? i can't use these for my back if it's a ZIP file.
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If reversed, would make for a good pair of walls for dual monitors.
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Luna is my fave hoof's down *points to avatar* you guys can tell right
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Old had reviewed comments and wanted to read that one of Luna :P, then I decided to do so immediately, yes, Luna from season two is my favorite, is so beautiful! :love:
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yes she is beautiful in Season 2
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Que buenos wallpapers haces :D
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How do you do that thing with clickable pictures?
I know how to do it with users, but when I try it this actual pictures it fails.
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Do you mean the picures in the descripition? There is a little ,,thing" at the right named Thumb (right above the Stats) copy it and paste into the description. I guess you have to be premium for it but not sure. ;)
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Oh that! You must copy the thumb and then paste it, but serves no comments :S , If only serves to premium users ..... I think i don't know really :XD:
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Like this? :iconbluedragonhans: or :iconmatrilwood: ? Easy: :iconusernametoselect:
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Comentario qliao :XD:
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será mentira...
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Y para varear fue el comentario Nº 1.000 :XD:
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