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Lauren Faust OC Alicorn Wallpaper

Edit 1: Arrange a little wallpaper to be more like a book and the word "Time" had written "ime" ...

This wallpaper I made thinking of the one, the great, giving us ideas every day for something new, original, a goddess to me, Miss Lauren Faust. I thought about books and ancient scrolls and I made this wallpaper with her Alicorn, I hope you like it!

Lauren Faust' certainly inspires me to much! :iconfyre-flye:

Faust Vector by :icondraikjack:
Scroll Vector by :iconrildraw:
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Nice wallpaper. :)
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Love this wallpaper. :D
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why is she writing with her mouth if she has a horn? .3. this is awesome though! :3
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The original sketch (done by Faust herself) shows her writing with her mouth while using her horn to magically write on a bunch of other scrolls. :)
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thanks for da link!
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You're welcome. ^-^
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Beautiful wallpaper :love:
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¡Es fantástico! :D
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Word of Faust.
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The background is kinda how i imagine what pony-writing really looks like. ^^
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