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Blue diamond & adult steven

Hello we ship blue diamond x adult Steven.
People who are interested in this ship you are welcome

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This is an alternative universe shipping idea I started with Blue diamond x Stevens mainly because it. Possibly form truce between home world the reason it would would be an interesting ship. mainly because very few steven x diamond fanfics. Out there the other reason i said home world can't afford to lose another diamond.mainly due to the shattering and of disappearance of pink diamond the crystal gem's. Are simply not ready for another war they few allies have no army to combat home worlds armada which would result in deaths on both sides. I offer an alternative to war, Steven is the literal bridge between human and gem. Maybe rose new this was the only way to stop another war from happening is to give up her physical form to produce a half human half gem hybrid. Others might not like the idea?And I'm going to answer that question. Steve has healing tears & spit who say that the only thing has healing properties to it. some will bring up his age that I why am changing hi year of birth from 2001 to 1994
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blue Diamond - Steven Universe by WalkingMelonsAAA blue Diamond - Steven Universe :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 5,579 243 You Do.. -Steven's Dream- by MarowimS2 You Do.. -Steven's Dream- :iconmarowims2:MarowimS2 20 1 Blue Diamond by KeynShadow Blue Diamond :iconkeynshadow:KeynShadow 147 13
author pov

through the battlefield of where the entire two armada wage at what was once the strawberry as two gem army clashed like shockwave making gems. the earth scars were being renewed transforming it to a entire new world, where there is safe haven and battle fields.

with the human ally betray and have their weapons detsroy by a fail safe ,blue diamond went to an unknown temple where they encounter and proven themselves worthy to protect the all life  as new allies were made. the amber and primal gems who's power is  able to manipulate the geological substances earth and gems alike.

it was a advantage for an half entire year till yellow discover ancient weapons and tools of only to be wielded by those who are worthy to be a true diamond. unfortunately yellow was not deem worthy by them, though this don't mean she can copy it to a more similar weapons.

as it even the score in the battle field, even as in a stale mate even as soon garnet send a spy mission to theft some weapon but what they theft and what blue became is worthy of the diamond weapons and tools

as she use one to forge proper equipment two protective gear and three to restore earth from yellow diamonds action to create more soldiers.

she already took out the kindergarten gem ejector and the put a force feild in every kindergarten, as garnet ordered as the holes was filled in for the earth never to use by home world ever again.

life on earth was changing death was around  everywhere as well as resurrection thanks to steven revive those who have been lost both gem and human alike.

as it reach to a new level of respect and a a cult forming out of them though Steven despise being worship as a god, he is just a medic as soon the other rose quarts been discover to have the same healing abilities.

the life here is changing hope is been made both found and lost it had it up and down as soon the final battle was wage the clash of the diamonds with their weapons.

as  soon it begin as their weapon the sword they draw blue diamond cutter and yellow diamond shredder had been swinging energy wave and their blades clash making global earth quakes.

blue block yellow sword with her shield as she counter it with a head butt  making yellow off balance, a stab was about to be thrust till a yellow caught it in her hand and put it down and try to break it to peaces but through blue off balance tumbling to the floor.

almost ending with yellow about to strike at the death to blue but the golden diamond hesitated she strugle in all this as it starts to rain with  a dark cloud black sky. at that moment blue found the oppurtonity to litterly punch her gut if she had some did the impossible, made a gem bleed. coughing out a liquid glowing energy unlike no gem kind have ever seen.

a white light shine from the sky coming down was white diamond is she reinforcement all gem went silent  as they quivered.


mean while in all this qute had confronted white diamond who was no longer tremble before her but instead was more driven madness.

"you should never existed little one." white said. "but soon with this all will be back to normal" white told her as she was helding a black smoky stone as i demonic scream and roar. as life was not well enough "white let go of that stone it's evil"  

"evil! evil! we live for eons with a perfect  world with flawlessness that is i but you all of you came to our existence came to our universes. all is been ruin by you and will restore it." white shine a wave of her hand a laser as the three q-carbon dodge it.

comming in close as they fight slashing a blade on to them the twins did  as qute just stand there looking down on the floors.

all was going lose as white was push back and drop the object  as she about to pick it up only to be tackled by the fusion of violet and purple, they called themselves orchid diamond as they both in the will power of human match white size.

a clash a fist was made of block and blow with the shockwave of thunder but they are unknown by someone someone who is crying their tears out, as she is en-fueled by rage and and sorrow at what white said she then shouted. "stooooooop!!!"  her voice was loud to pierced space time herded in home world. all the fighting had stop as they felt the disturbing feeling of an angry goddess.

qute was enrage at white seeing what home world become a peaces. "white your way had destroy countless worlds and if it continue with your way then the universe will be a black abyss no stars no moons nothing if you wont turn from this path and deny your flaws then i have no chose but to go nuclear" qute said.

"oh nuclear what does that even mean you ru-" white stop and saw the qute eye as her diamond pupil turn big and round covoering the entire eye. "a qute face that i am not-" stop again as stars glitter in her pupil. "no stop please  dont dare do m-" and thus a shooting star fall in her pupil as white gave in.

"oh what have i done!" she said as  she blubbered. now feeling guilt and weight her hear been change completely. " i need to make right pearl ready my ship were stopping earth war." white order .

they head to earth with what she prepared.



coming out of the ship was qute and her older sisters as they are on top of white shoulder "blue i came to you and to all of home world gems, to say something, something from a unatural change in me from your child,  something i shouldn't thought years ago but didn't since i thought myself perfect....... i am sorry and your way is right."  white said.

"what!" all said in unison. "if the earth is worth protecting for you if they are the future for home world then so be i realize how flawed i am, i am the the worst in home world and deserve to be shatter if not a much crueler fate, i am a monster destroying worlds and ruining lives as much as take away, blue do you really want to protect the earth to give gems freedom to choose their fate?"

blue was asked. she nodded to white seeing her kids okay with white was shock of her unusual words. "alright.. we'll shut down the cluster for you." white said "what?!" yellow said, "actually there no need it been transmutated to the cluster gem race."blue told them "what?!"

"then that will leave us resurrecting all of the gems we obliterated" "corrupted" blue corrected white. "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?" yellow said "you cant do this she with an abomination."

"steven is the offspring of pink diamond herself disrespect him and you disrespect her will!" blue told her.

"she got us there, by both surprise and a good point, its best we follow pink diamond wishes."white responded. "but your always against me!"  yellow said.

but just when everything is about to go  okay the gemling of steven and blue diamond glowed.

"what happening to them!?" steven came rushing toward them. "they're being erase from existence." sapphire said.

"no, we can help keep your existence, we can do what ever it take please hold-" "mom dad its okay everthying goin to alri-" so the glow turn to a world wide flash as it un do the gem corruption the next thing they knew time changed as if the light made the gelling never travel back in time in first with slight change of heart white diamond.

yet by the feeling of lost blue and steven knew their been three things missing there life as they continue dating  and other gem rebuild the earth with the ancient tools.

eventually they both gotten married not steven and blue diamond ruby and saphire as soon gem become legal citizen of earth.

sure there ah been a few terrorist attack but its nothing the crystal gem can handle

though the emptiness as the year past they finally remember the empty feeling is children, as in the year 2014 blue diamond and steven got married as even more years past they decided a place

they fill in the gaps of home world as it been made whole again eventually blue was pregnant and kind gave gem birth to twins violet and purple diamond.

then a year later give birth to qute but not formed till the next year, but instead there of time travel it was just by the three gemling a butterfly flap(a light wave that change the fabric of time).

but in all as it felt a little change qute felt good as she remember it all the old time line as well as those who was effected by it.

they felt quite a shock that they have two sets of memory now then ever but other then that both steven and blue diamond felt complete now more then ever.
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Hello my friends I'm introducing a new ship called blue diamondxsteven and before you ask about the age problem I've solved that were he will be born August 15 1994 to 2014 were he would be 20

or his state of mind change to an adult when he is feeling mature and is stop treated like a kid by his father and the crystal gems depending on how he feel or how you feel about it
as to the reason why this guy raid one of my storys called diamond love the original being the pairing of this groups name he found me on as well as other fan fiction of this pairing. so in other words i am saying is make your own steven universe x bluediamondstory if you dont like the pairing then you dont have to join this group even if you like you and dont want to join then you can be a watcher and see the progress of it. in other then that word you can go nuts on this

the reason why the pairing: the reason why i made this pairing is because there was none at wattpad at first so i made one and thus it gotten 1.6k veiws from five pages of the original diamond love why the dragon maid parody gotten 608 veiws so yeah its popular but not that much. so go ahead herere the link to one of them enjoyed

in htis new link is a group called diamon love group hope you guy will join it soon.…

recent news: you can add your own gemling of this pairing or your own story of blue diamond x steven your own gem to the the court of blue diamond and steven offspring or a familly pet to blue diamond familly heck it can be mythical if you wanted it comic can be add like if pink made a deal with the other diamonds. so yeah.



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