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[UPDATED] ,,,i have too many danganronpa ocs

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(zoom in for best quality!!) WHEW okay so this is literally just....all of my current dr ocs as of today bc i thought itd be nice to just post em all at once!! big 'ol group pic....some of the sprites are scaled weirdly forgive me gfhdfsdhf

this is a Lot to take in and kinda a mess FGHJDSFDHJ so if there's any questions abt any of the chars im happy to answer!!!

i still might post some of the sprites on their own that i havent published already so im just gonna quickly go through and name each character and their ultimate!!!

Starting with the gal at the faaaar left we have:

Gracie Goldstone, Ultimate Knitter!
Gwen Summers, Ultimate Surfer
Genevieve Loverdos, Ultimate Gynecologist!
Sparrow Foxgrove, Ultimate Urban Explorer
Catalina Foxgrove, Ultimate Origamist 
Juno Marquette, Ultimate Beauty Guru!
Lilias Innes, Ultimate Contortionist!
Juniper Castelo, Ultimate Seamstress (ft. her baby boy Scout!)
Chie Kawahara, Ultimate Psychologist!
Eliza Maradona-Labelle, Ultimate Swing Dancer!
Iris Simms, Ultimate Librarian!
Hikaru Tachibana, Ultimate Doll Maker!
Machiko Yutani, Ultimate Gemologist & Ultimate Astrologer
Haruto Watanuki, Ultimate Pediatrician
Yumi Ohara, Ultimate Sleep Specialist
Umi Ohara, Ultimate Dentist
Melody Daybelle, Ultimate Cromniomancer (performs divination using onions)
Daisy Kinokonaka, Ultimate Mycologist (studies mushrooms/fungi!)
Daliya Shapouri, Ultimate Glassblower!
Brie Camembert, Ultimate Cheesemonger!
Angeni Fawn, Ultimate Lepidopterist (studies moths/butterflies!)
Kai Castellanos, Ultimate Nail Artist!
Dia Castellanos, Ultimate Poet
Nozomi Ishiwata, Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Expert
Sunni Song, Ultimate Linguist
Evelyn Rose, Ultimate Ice Sculptor
Lia Vela, Ultimate Gardener & Ultimate Masseuse
Rumi Momoe, Ultimate Beekeeper
Suu Ejiri, Ultimate Circus Acrobat
Poppy Ejiri, Ultimate Clown!
Ace Ejiri, Ultimate Magician
Kotone Fujioka, Ultimate Hairdresser
Pele 'Ōhelo, Ultimate Crane Gamer
Julio Wolfe, Ultimate Carpenter
Tamashimi Mori, Ultimate Cryptozoologist (studies cryptids!)
Mine Nagamine, Ultimate Herpetologist (studies amphibians!)
Karin Nagamine, Ultimate Mom!
Caspari Taniguchi, Ultimate Chocolatier!
Hanami Amamiya, Ultimate Roller-skater!
Alya Hani, Ultimate Numismatist (studies/collects coins!)
Holly Sugar (real name is Hae-won Yoo), Ultimate E-girl
Mi-yeon Yoo, Ultimate Mukbanger
Clover Oliveira, Ultimate Delivery Girl!
Robin Vega, Ultimate Referee!
Chiharu Kinboshi, Ultimate Matchmaker!
Luna Ramos, Ultimate Hypnotist!
Starla Nguyen, Ultimate Mail Woman
Nova, Ultimate Personal Assistant!
Lisa Dumont, Ultimate Photographer!
Emilia Rodriguez, Ultimate Queen!
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I love the diversity so much! I've never heard of a person who studies onions
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the divination of onions*
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tysm!!! I just barely learned about onion divination around a week or 2 ago from a tumblr post lol i figured it'd be a fun idea to work with!!
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oh man and i thought i had a lot,,,,,
i love each and every single one of your ocs!!
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aaaaaAA they all appreciate ur love!!!

hoooh and trust me the more ocs u have the more they take over ur entire life HFGHGFH
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they all just killed me in one hit i love it
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its ok ill have the more kooky characters try to revive you through various questionable means sdjfkdsk
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questionable means are the best kinda means!.. Probably!
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