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Merry Christmas 2020

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A festive shoutout to my friends and followers on DeviantArt and Twitter:

Angelique - acla13
Candy - AgentC-24
Alex Raccoon Glider - AlexRaccoonGlider
Reymo - Apooyo 
Seth - Ardwick 
Roocan - BruBadger
Danbuster - DCLeadboot
Lazarus - Dracorum-Order  
Arcti - DTKinetic
Sir Steve - EarthVStheDerek
Evraen - Ferroth
Aydin - GatorArt27
Stan the Crow - Granitoons
Smut - Hexit
Arthur McBride - IrishBecky
Jarry - Ixentrick
Jake McCormick - JakeMcCormick
Ally Alligator - JimmyCartoonist
Mush Fisch - LaptopGeek92
Fubar - PeskyGremlins
Pierre Le Roux - PierreAndAndre
Izzy - primeyeti 
Evanis - Rhodenris
Beedle Rhodes - Rhodeway
Suzy - RideEmCowboy
Duncan - Ross-Sanger
Ryex - Ryex-617
Emiko .- TopperHay
Ed Redman - VectoComics 
Samwell - Vorty-Vort 
Meta - WileyKoyote
Freddy - youlittlemonkey
Zookie - ZookieDragon

Not forgetting my family:
Christer Arndale - WhiteBlazingPhoenix (my brother)
Razma Moonmist - thesundoesrise (my lovely wife)

My own characters Bob, Flyer, PB, Greenie, Snow Sam, Fyfe and Sparkplug are in there somewhere too.

All characters are © their respective owners.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and the very best for 2021. :thumbsup:
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acla13's avatar

Thanks a lot for mentioning Angie once again (and sorry for the big delay), this Xmas party is pretty cool and one can see everybody's having a very great time! Trampoline fun

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

No worries, and you're very welcome. :thumbsup:

Rhodeway's avatar

The sheer number of cameos you manage to include in your group pictures always impresses me. And of course, the festive vibes are always off the charts. Fantastic job on another Christmas scene, Mark, and thank you kindly for the inclusion! I see someone likes to rock...

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

Thanks very much, still don't know how I manage it all. :lol: You're most welcome, I figured Beedle would be the type to be the life of the party. ;)

Ixentrick's avatar

Thanks very much for including Jarry into this fun group picture! I'm amazed at how you draw these wonderful group pics! And you drew my OC so well! :D

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

You're very welcome, he's always a blast to draw. Many thanks. :)

RideEmCowboy's avatar

A nice festive gathering for all. Thanks again for the inclusion and hoping a very happy new year for you Mark.

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

Many thanks man, and you're welcome. All the best to you too. :thumbsup:

JakeMcCormick's avatar

Life is so nuts... I forgot to comment... I SO LOVE THIS!! Thanks for including the boy yet again... Merry Christmas and have an EPIC NEW YEAR! /!!

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

No worries Julie, many thanks, and you're welcome. :) All the best to you too. :xmas:

AgentC-24's avatar

This was quite the pleasant surprise to see on Christmas, and you certainly went all out for this pic this year, Mark. Great job on this pic on all fronts, with all the familiar and unfamiliar faces. :) Many thanks for the Candy inclusion here as well, I certainly appreciate the thought on this one. I hope you had a great Christmas, and wishing you a Happy New Year to boot. :nod: All the best, pal!

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

You're most welcome, and thanks very much Rich. :) All the best to you too. :xmas:

Granitoons's avatar

Thanks for thinking of me (and Stan too I guess!) - Always a pleasure to be included in these yearly shots. Hope you and yours managed yourself a great festive season :)

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

Not a problem AM, cheers very much, and same to you also. :thumbsup:

VectoComics's avatar
BluebottleFlyer's avatar

Thanks man, hope you had a good Christmas. :thumbsup:

TopperHay's avatar

Emiko's winter outfit is so cute! Just the thing to keep the frostbite away :D

Thanks Mark and I hope you and your family have a safe and happy 2021!

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

You're welcome Hay, same to you and yours. :thumbsup:

DCLeadboot's avatar

Nothing's going to stop our friends from partying! :D

Happy Christmas to you too - and here's hoping for a better year! :)

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

Aye, thankfully our cartoon creations are unaffected by the craziness of the real world, if only we could join them! :nod: All the best to you too, Dan. :)

DCLeadboot's avatar

True indeed! 🙂

Hopefully this coming year will be a major upgrade for the better

Apooyo's avatar

A Merry Christmas to you as well Mark! :D

BruBadger's avatar

I guess they've found a cabin that's just about big enough for them all here - and Roocan has perhaps unsurprisingly found something to eat. ^^ Thanks for including him here, and Merry Christmas. :xmas:

BluebottleFlyer's avatar

Knowing him, probably. ;) You're welcome, and same to you. :xmas:

anonymous's avatar
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