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:iconbluebookward:BlueBookWard posted a status
Opening commissions!!!! [+update]

Hey guys, I know I’ve been kinda dead lately I’m sorry about that. School started up and college is a bit more than I expected. Anyway, as some of you have (maybe) noticed, I came out as a furry a little while ago. I’m really deep in the furzone now and I’m just dying to get a partial fursuit. I just need to raise the money. Hence, opening commissions.

I’m offering simple ref sheets for $5 usd (examples to be shown in a bit). I’m also open for custom pony characters, prices depending on character complexity. I’ll also design a Gala dress for a pony of your choice for $2 usd a dress. Not only that, but will be opening some breedables sometime.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Information is below, I hope to get some commissions soon. Stay creative my friends. 😊

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Simple ref sheet info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Will include:
-Left and right side views
-The usual laugh face (no hair)
-Left and right profile views (no hair)
-Front facing view (no hair)
-Cutie Mark
-Element of Harmony (if one)
-Gradient background

Example 1 (a request. Character does not belong to me)
Example 2 (a commission. Character does not belong to me)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Customs info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


-Cutie Mark
-Mane of your choice
-Colors you pick
-Usually traditionally drawn image

Example 1 (for a friend. Character design by me)
Example 2 (for a friend. Character design by me)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gala dress info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


-Gala dress design
-Concept design for mane
-A traditionally drawn image of your pony in their Gala outfit

Example 1 (my ponysona’s Gala dress. Old image)
Example 2 (my character. Old image)
Example 3 (my sister’s pony. Old image. Mane only)
Example 4 (my character. Old image. Dress only)

#opencommissions #Custompony #galadress #referencesheet #Mlp #simple #gradient #breedables #paypalonly #mylittleponyfriendshipismagic

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