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So I'm making a MASSIVE breeding chart and while it'll take a while to get done, I'm letting you all know now. There are 100 pre-made foals/fillies and each one will be up for sale (points or Paypal) when I finish. The slots will be priced on complexity of the child. None of them are boring though, I promise.
I am breeding my OWN ocs to give you guys some new ponies to adopt. Some of these ocs haven't been drawn since I adopted them and some I don't even know where/who I got them from. If I don't credit who I got them from, I have no clue. If you know though, please let me know.
I will be leaving the ocs and names here in a minute and if you so wish, you can reserve a slot. Now wothout further talk, here's the pons. (Oh, if you want to reserve a slot just let me know. You'll pay half once I have the design basics and half when I post the chart)

Top row (the mares + one gay boy lolz)

ButterCup  ButterCup by BlueBookWardadopted from: 

Cinnamon Sugar  Cinamon Sugar by BlueBookWard adopted from: @AquaticAssasin I believe

Dazzle Flash  Dazzle Flash by BlueBookWard design by me

Lovely Wings  Lovely Wings by BlueBookWard adopted from JustOurAdopts 

Amethyst  Amethyst by BlueBookWard adopted from:

Taffy Twirl  2 By Adoerable-dan45c5 by BlueBookWard adopted from: 

Whistle Wash  Whistle Wash By Bluebookward-daveexf by BlueBookWard adopted from: ShumpehAdopts

Prismatic Party  Prismatic Party by BlueBookWard adopted from: SnowShyHearts 

Steel Rainbow   Open  Mlp Adoptables Batch 1   2 6 Left 5 Points  by BlueBookWard adopted from: Lazyy-Llama 

Sweet Frosting  Sweet Frosting by BlueBookWard adopted from: This-adopt-account

Now for the stallions

Dotty  Dotty by BlueBookWard adopted from: PatchworkPupper

Dusk Shine  Dusk Shine by BlueBookWard adopted from:

Melon Burst  design by me

Violet Ocean  adopted from: 

Treetop  adopted from: 

Earthen Flare  adopted from:

Flame Flicker  design by me

Thunder Mist  adopted from:

Simple Rainbow  adopted from: NovaShield 

Party Crasher  adopted from: 
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March 22


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