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Streamer Pie [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard Streamer Pie [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard
Base by: Amelia-Bases 
Inspired by Cascayd's next gen

To the bio!

Name: Streamer Pie
Sibling(s): None
Species: Unicorn
Age: Young adult
Special talent: Party planning
Job: Wedding planner
Place of birth: Ponyville
Current residency: Canterlot
Nickname(s): Streamer

Streamer isn’t very close to either of her parents. Despite her fluffy pink mane, she isn’t much of a party pony like her mother Pinkie Pie. Pinkie’s parties are to informal for her daughter’s taste. Party Favor’s balloon animals feel much too childish to her as well. They may not agree on party styles, but this family loves to laugh. When she was a filly, Streamer loved hearing her parents joke about everything. When the day started to wind down, they all sat together, and Streamer listened to stories about Pinkie’s adventures. They may not be close to each other, but they love each other more than anything, even parties.
Being a wedding planner isn’t exactly a full-year job, so Streamer has a lot of spare time. During her days off, she wanders the streets of Canterlot, hoping to run into her lifelong crush Winded Heart. Winded being royalty though, means that it’s unlikely for them to ever become serious. Especially since Winded can only see her when he comes into Canterlot with his mother Princess Cadence or father Shining Armor on royal duties. They both hope that someday, the stars will align, and they can be together.
- Streamer wears her hair fluffy and curly because she feels like it’s a tribute to her parents.
- Even though her Cutie Mark has a balloon on it, Streamer has never used a balloon at one of her parties.
- The only time Streamer ever smiles is when she sees a happy couple or is with Winded.
- Due to many incidents with Gummy, her mom’s pet alligator, Streamer is afraid of any animal smaller than a pony.
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