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Stormy Wings [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard Stormy Wings [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard

Base by: alari1234-Bases 
Inspired by Cascayd's next gen

Name: Stormy Wings

Sibling(s): None

Species: Pegasus

Age: Young adult

Special talent: Creating animal shaped lightning bolts

Job: Wonderbolt in training

Place of birth: Ponyville

Current residency: Alternates between Ponyville and Cloudsdale

Nickname(s): Stormy, Storm



Stormy has an interesting relationship with his family. While he can be very timid like his mother, Fluttershy, his self-confidence reflects that of his father, Thunderlane. Due to his unusual personality, Stormy has a very healthy relationship with both his parents. He enjoys quiet time with his mother just as much as he loves goofing around with his dad. Since he is a Wonderbolt in training, he spends more time with Thunderlane and Flutter’s close friend, Rainbow Dash. Dash’s ego sometimes makes her a little unbearable to Storm, but he pushes that aside, so he can focus on flying. It helps that Dash has known Storm since he was born.


Stormy as always had trouble with relationships. Before he came out to everyone as gay, he never seemed to be interested in anypony. Once he came out however, his whole demeaner changed. He had a short-lived fling with Shining Jewel. They didn’t last long because Jewel was only experimenting, but Storm kept looking for a perfect stallion. Then, at a Wonderbolt event he met Midnight, the son of Princess Luna and King Sombra. Despite the nasty rumors about Midnight, Stormy fell head over heels for him. Now, they plan to stay together and Stormy brings out the best in Midnight.


    -          Stormy loves strawberries the most, but he likes to eat all types of fruit.

    -          Due to an accident with a timberwolf as a baby, Stormy is deathly afraid of all animals. Even the ones under his mother’s care.

    -          Storm has never told Midnight, but he plans to propose someday and hopes to adopt a baby girl.

    -          You would never guess it, but Storm loves letting Uncle Zephyr Breeze style his mane and has learned a lot from it.

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