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SSPC entry by BlueBookWard SSPC entry by BlueBookWard
Temmi belongs to: LullabyPrince 

Name of your oc: Experiment #103; Aka Jem

How they met Temmi: Jem and her “brother,” Experiment #102; Aka Powder, were on the run from the ponies who created them. Desperate for a place to hide, Emm and Powder came across Temmi’s home. When they came across the strange pony, Powder was terrified. Jem, however, was intrigued. She wanted to know who Temmi was and why she was surrounded by glowing mushrooms. When Temmi and Jem’s eyes met, however, Powder grabbed his “sister” and ran, leaving Temmi all alone once more.

Why they fell for Temmi: After discovering Temmi’s home and finally escaping the wicked ponies that created Jem and Powder, the two settled down in the area close by Temmi. While Powder was still very afraid of Temmi, Jem often went looking for her. She loved hanging around Temmi, even though the mare would never get very close. This confused Jem, but she respected it anyway. Soon enough, Jem was spending more time with Temmi than with her own “brother.” She loved using her advanced knowledge to impress the mare, but her favorite thing to do was make Temmi laugh. Whenever she laughed, she visibly relaxed and Jem loved it. She loved being able to make her friend smile, laugh, and feel relaxed. Once, Temmi finally felt so relaxed around Jem that she fell asleep. Staring at the peculiar pony, Jem realized it. She had fallen in love with the pony who had been alone for so long.

After they found out that Temmi "kills" everything she touches, what did they do?: Making her feel relaxed and happy is one thing but gaining Temmi’s trust was so much harder. After pressing Tem about why she lived so far away from other ponies, she finally learned the truth. Instead of what most ponies would do, Jem ignored this new information. “Nothing can keep me away,” is what she always said to Tem. Even after learning about the curse, Jem stayed with Temmi and their lives went on as they had been. One day, Temmi broke down, crying and asking Jem why she stayed even after learning about her curse. Jem simply responded, “Because I’m in love.” Then, she dared to lake Temmi’s hoof in her own. Putting aside the danger, Jem pulled Tem in close and held her tightly. “I’m never leaving you Tem,” she whispered in the mare’s ear.

Why are they immune to Temmi's curse?: Jem and Powder were created from the same test tube in a lab that was hidden away from the world. At very young ages, the two ponies were experimented on. They both had their eyes and legs experimented on, with different results. Despite their growing age, the two ponies were still used as test subjects. Eventually, they became less pony and more chemical. While Powder is still more pony then Jem, he still is beyond the norm. Jem, on the other hoof, became the lab’s most priced experiment. For she was almost entirely made from a test tube, yet somehow still had the heart and soul of a normal pony. Temmi’s curse doesn’t affect Jem, simply because, she is not really living. Jem has no need for food, water, or even air. In a way, she is a robot with the soul of a pony.

What are they going to do long-term after they get together with Temmi?: Jem isn’t one to plan things out, but she does know one thing for sure. She knows that she wants to stay with Temmi until the day they both die. She hopes to get Powder to live with them and show him that Tem isn’t scary. Because she was experimented on, Jem can’t have children, but Temmi and Powder both believe that she would be a great mother. Powder intends to help them gain a child. With the help of a great unicorn, they hope to use some of Jem’s DNA and magic to create a foal that is immune to the curse just as Jem is. This of course, is simply a dream now. Nothing is set in stone, except for the love that Jem feels for Temmi.

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