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Rockie [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard Rockie [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard
Base by: Amelia-Bases (I think)
Inspired by Cascayd's next gen

Bio time!

Name: Rockie
Sibling(s): None known
Species: Earth pony
Age: Young adult
Special talent: Music mixing
Job: DJ for hire
Place of birth: Unknown
Current residency: Ponyville, Sweet Apple Acres
Nickname(s): Rockie-Roo (by moms only)

After she was born, Rockie’s birth parents abandoned her in front of Sweet Apple Acres where she was found by Applejack and Coloratura (Rara for short). After weeks of searching, they never found her parents. When Applejack spoke to Mayor Mare about the child, they decided to have the baby stay with the couple since there was no official orphanage in Ponyville. A month passed, and Mayor Mare had discovered the newly named Rockie’s parents. In Ponyville’s only cemetery. Once AJ and Rara learned this, they decided to keep the filly as their own. They had already been debating the idea, but now it was final. Rockie was their daughter. During her filly years, Rockie loved working with AJ out in the field. The couple was sure that she would be able to take care of the farm as the next heir. However, in her teen years Rockie changed. She began tweaking with Rara’s music, remixing and mashing the songs. Despite her preference in music, Rockie and AJ are very close. Whenever Rockie is home, the two of them spend hours under the apple trees. Rara enjoys hearing what her daughter does to her music. They are also close, spending hours together making music.

While Rockie may have a great relationship with her mothers, she doesn’t have the greatest relationships with other ponies. They often find her hard to talk to because the only way she knows how to truly express herself is through music. Despite this though, she has been involved in a few short flings. Including a short relationship with Derpy and Doctor Whooves’ daughter, Rose Pool, and Rainbow Dash’s son, Thunder Dash. Nothing ever lasted though, as Rockie never really seemed too interested in either of them.

- Her mane is dyed the same color as the stripe in Rara’s hair because she felt it would make her look like their blood daughter.
- Rockie’s lifelong idol is Vinyl Scratch. She’s always wanted to work with her.
- She sleeps with a little plushie of both her parents whenever she is away because it makes her feel safe.
- Despite working in clubs, Rockie hates all the flashing lights.
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