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Nova Flare [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard Nova Flare [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard
Base by: Amelia-Bases 
Inspired by Cascayd's next gen

Now to the bio!

Name: Nova Flare
Sibling(s): Comet Flash (younger sister)
Species: Alicorn
Age: Young adult
Special talent: Magic
Job: Prince, Trixie Lulamoon’s assistant
Place of birth: Ponyville
Current residency: Constantly changing
Nickname(s): Nova, Flare, Novie (Comet only)

Nova has a strong relationship with his family and boss. He gets along best with Twilight; however, his somewhat cocky nature gets in the way at times. Star and Nova are always having trouble agreeing on things, but they still love spending time together. Nova understands that his little sister looks up to him, so he tries his hardest to be the best pony he can be. She often came to vent to him about anything bad that had happened that day. Even before he went off to study magic Nova knew that Comet was jealous of his abilities. Always trying to keep their relationship a positive one, he never used magic around his sister or talked about it. Nova’s relationship with Trixie is an interesting one. The showoff mare has become like a second mother to him. They often butt heads since they are both cocky showoffs, but they care about each other more than they ever let the other realize.

Before Nova left to become Trixie’s assistant, he had only one mare-friend. Sunset Shimmer’s daughter, Firework Flash. The two of them had a great friendship that turned to much more. Nova had been planning to ask for her hoof in holy matrimony (marry her), but when he was offered the job with Trixie their future fell apart. Neither knew how to go on while he was away so they decided to put the relationship on hold until the day when he stops traveling. After leaving Firework behind, Nova found an unexpected friend in the feisty unicorn Crimson, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie’s adopted daughter. While Crimson has made it clear she is not interested in Nova, she enjoys flirting with him because he gets so flustered. Despite having a crush on Crimson though, Nova is not about to give up on his future with Firework.

- Nova enjoys pottery. He loves to go to art galleries to look at the different types of pottery.
- He absolutely hates spicy food. Even pepper is too much for him.
- Nova and Firework never kissed. Both are saving their first kiss for the wedding.
- Despite being born with wings, Nova hates flying because he’s scared of heights.
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