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Comet Flash [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard Comet Flash [Next Gen Bio] by BlueBookWard
Base by: alari1234-Bases 
Inspired by Cascayd's next gen

Now onto the bio!

Name: Comet Flash
Sibling(s): Nova Flash (brother)
Species: Earth pony
Age: Young adult
Special talent: Tracking stars
Job: Star Tracker’s assistant
Place of birth: Ponyville
Current residency: Ponyville
Nickname(s): Comet, Flash

Comet has a very good relationship with her parents and older brother. She gets along better with her father, Star, better because they are very similar. Twilight often forgets that Comet cannot do magic since she is an earth pony, making it harder for the two to bond. As for her brother, Comet absolutely adores him. Nova seems to be the only pony in Equestria who fully understands her. When he went off to study magic, however, Comet found it hard to stay positive and not become jealous. She has always wanted to use magic and hates the fact that she is an earth pony.

Comet is not exactly a very sociable pony; however, she did have a short fling with Shining Jewel, Rarity and Prince Blueblood’s son. They grew close after spending a day out with their mothers and went on a few dates afterword. Comet, however, was more interested in learning about how his magic worked rather than learning about Jewel himself. They ended the relationship but stayed close. Now, the two of them are best friends and are hardly seen without each other.

-    Comet enjoys watching the Ponytones in concert. She has always wanted to be in the group but is very insecure about her voice.
- Comet may not be very social, but she loves her friends with a passion deeper than oceans.
- Despite hating the fact about her being an earth pony, Comet is very secure about her appearance and loves that she can catch the attention of other ponies, specifically unicorns.
- Comet absolutely loves the ocean and everything to do with it.
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