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Lightning Dust

By blueblitzie
Wow. I am in love with this bitch. I have no idea why though... she's awesome and.. and is just agh.

So enjoy this vector of her c:

110th vector.

(C) MLP:FiM belongs to Hasbro

(C) Vector art by Me
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© 2012 - 2021 blueblitzie
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I,actually,love,Lightning Dust Smiley 9 
ArtofTreasure99's avatar
Love that pose!!! BTW, is there a base with that kind of pose? I want to learn how to draw it by hand. 

Love Lightning Dust!!!!!!!
blueblitzie's avatar
Thanks for telling me c: <3
gohomelimyourdrunk's avatar
Agent--Kiwi's avatar
Used here: hope that's ok with you
blueblitzie's avatar
Yes, that's fine, thanks for crediting me.
blueblitzie's avatar
Thanks for crediting me c:
It looks awesome.
Dflowen's avatar
So badass.... damn she is the "Ice Pony" and RD is "Maverick" LOLZ
CloudshadeZer0's avatar
I bet, in the next few episodes, 'they' will make of Lightning Dust the new Trixie because of her boastfulness and arrogance. and maybe an enemy of Rainbow Dash
Darknessdoom100's avatar
do you really think they will do that
Darknessdoom100's avatar
how do you know that will happen
blueblitzie's avatar
Maybe! I hope so c:
GermanBeez's avatar
huh, at first I thought she'd be a nice pal for Dashie, as she doesn't have anyone around ponyville who really shares her passion for flying like that.
Too bad she turned out to be so careless of others...
sebastieng's avatar
So will there be a revenge episode like Trixie?
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
She's a showoff to impress the others.
blueblitzie's avatar
Yeah, I guess she is.
Azure-Dragon-Seiryu's avatar
she wanted to get ahead of the others but RD had that look on her face.
Pilot231's avatar
she has the skills, but not the right attitude. Being a leader also means making the right decisions and such.
blueblitzie's avatar
Yeah, that's true I suppose. I still like her anyway c:
Pilot231's avatar
well everyone has their own opinions. If she wasn't such a jerk, then she would be more of a fav for me.
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