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Not sure why it's taken me this long to do a centaur.

I've decided I'll come up with names *after* I draw someone at least twice. This was just a sketch sitting in my wips for months that I finally decided to finish, and I forced myself to go from rough sketch to complete in a day just because I tend to be so slow normally. I'm pretty happy with the quick shading, even if the pose is a bit banal.

Part of setting the deadline to myself on this involved spending a lot less time on very fine details, which mostly is probably unnoticed, but definitely stands out to me in the facial detail and the hairstyle-- both a bit simpler than usual. If you read this far, I'd genuinely like a comment on whether you noticed, and whether you prefer the simpler style of face here or the more detailed stuff I've been doing.

nsfw version here.
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