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A shot of me that was taken overlooking one of the photoshoots. I wasn't really posing or even aware that there was a camera trained on me. I was just kinda chilling up there out of the way. Apparently someone thought it'd make a good picture. They were right, I freakin' love it
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Sep 5, 2009, 3:45:08 PM
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Wow, great job, best Nightwing cosplay that I've seen!
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You make a very good Grayson :) 
spencerbeavcoon's avatar
okay. This is your best Nightwing pic yet. Hands down.
heroofkvatch's avatar
Oh. My. Gosh. I would send you a marriage proposal, but that's probably too forward.
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badass jacket dude! You make that yourself?
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very sick. where'd you get the actual jacket from?
Cadmus130's avatar
Great Costume!
Elyograg1's avatar
Love it! did you make it yourself?
how did you get the blue up there like that? it looks so good
how did you get the blue on there like that?
gambitstouch's avatar
so frikkin cool!
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Oh you charmer you. :D
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I tell the truth and only the truth~
Thanks for being a Hott Richard Grayson x3
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O.O Oh my goodness I want that jacket!!

Nice job ^^ You don't see too many Nightwing cosplays, and this one is perfect ;)
How did you make the holsters for the sticks?
Bluebird0020's avatar
They're velcro'd on.
Sidekick-Clecle's avatar
That jacket... I need it on me. Forever. And ever..!
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Haha, I'm glad you like it.
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:3 this is awesome, love the costume- great job.
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