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This is the third time I've tried to upload this.



Kaiya [my fursona] (C) BlueberryKaiTan

Decided to redesign my very first OC. I suck at coloring sketches, for the love of God, it's easier to just line the image and color that lol. Tried to keep her similar to the original while being a bit more creative idfk, I'm bad at designing characters. I dunno why she has two tails to be honest, maybe she's mutated or something lol. I was torn about making her full german shepherd because they're my absolute favorite canine species. But she was created as a wolf several years ago. I was like twelve. lol This OC is special though because she was the reason I pursued learning to draw.

These things will be figured out and I will surely mess with the design further. I just don't have time right now.

Kaiya is half german shepherd, half wolf. Her markings are based off the panda shepherd color variant. If I used that term correctly in this context? I dunno. I'm tired.
The moon markings and blue color were not naturally born onto her. Those were mutated also, or something, I'm working out details in my mind right now ha.
I tried to make her stand slightly in the german shepherd stance while also standing like a wolf. Anatomy, why.
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