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So, look at me now...



Umbreon, Eevee, Pokémon (C) Nintendo
Alirah the Umbreon belongs to me
Conan the Eevee belongs to ShadowCharizard36

Alirah and Conan are members of the Laverre Team on EpidemicJohto~!

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3800 x 2600

I have a love-hate with this already, but I do with pretty much everything. My skill level just can't keep up with my imagination. ;w; lol. Mainly I just hate that I didn't give their facial expressions enough... expression. OTL
There's a present for every team member, plus Grim and Nisha lol.<3
And yes, that's blood on the floor. They live in a post-apocalyptic world lol.

I had a speedpaint to go alongside this, but I was filming for like eight hours and still wasn't done, then my Hypercam corrupted the file because I didn't have enough memory to keep going and so the codecs probably didn't generate... So, here's the song I planned to use;

Made it through the year and I did not even collapse.
Gotta say, "Thank God" for that.
I'm torn between what keeps me whole and what tears me in half,
I'll fall apart or stay intact.
Tired eyes or stumble back to bed?
I need to realize my sorry life's not hanging by a thread...
At least not yet.

So look at me now!
It's finally Christmas and I'm home!
Head indoors to get out of this weather,
And I don't know how but the closest friends I've ever known are all inside,
Singing together;
Singing, "Merry Christmas, here's to many more!"

- Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More - Relient K
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This is really freaking cool. Forgive the fact I am not the biggest Pokemon fan haha.