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Jolteon, Eevee, Pokémon (C) Nintendo
Rebel & Miyu (C) BlueberryKaiTan

My first drawing on the SketchBook app thingy... It's actually incredibly fun. Next I'd like to practice proper lines lol.

The undead Jolteon is Rebel and Miyu is his adopted Eevee sister.
Despite his terrifying appearance, crude mouth and violent tendencies, he's a great example of loving someone enough to die for them, then return as a zombie to watch over them again.
As afraid of the undead as Miyu is, she doesn't fear him in the slightest, not even in this state.

Sooooo this doodle came out slightly graphic. Decided to go ahead and slap a warning on that, just to be a decent individual. Friends can and will confirm this is a lie lol.

Also uploading from mobile for the first time, let's hope this works correctly lol.

The shoulder you cry on,
The dose that you die on...
I could be your painkiller, killer, killer.
You'll love me 'til it's all over, over.
'Cuz I'm the shoulder you cry on,
The dose that you die on...
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