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Dazey Luna / Dazeysona (C) BlueberryKaiTan
Pose by SenshiStock, found here:
Thank you very much for the amazing stock!<3
Dazey is my Trainersona and RP character for EpidemicJohto

So I did a thing and did the lines and the colors and shading. Which seemed like a good idea until I was up until four am doing it, while my friends shrieked at each other on GTA V. ._. My eyes were like bloodshot, yo, I'm too old to do all nighters and too young to feel this old. That does and doesn't make sense but I'm rambling...

Oh my god who let Dazeysona have a gun? Yes, me, but shut up. The world just might be glad for the first time that it's ending lol.

I seriously had commentary planned out for this, but that was a few nights ago and now I just want to go poke my chinchilla's tummy and yell "rabbit tooth pig nose" because it's now a meme among my household. Well, among me.

I'm revamping literally everything on Dazeysona's profile because good lord this kid was edgy. When its done, I'll edit a link into here so whatever bored soul can read eight thousand words of my hysterical inability to spell hysterical for a moment and the pain I put this dame through.

“No, I don’t know what they look like. I do know their name and general vicinity though, so basically, all we have to do is walk around calling their name and stab whoever turns around. We’ll sort everything else out later.” - Dazey Luna 2k16
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