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Jules Hartwin Hasenkamp

Jules Hartwin Hasenkamp

 "There's a lot of universe out there... and we don't even get to see the whole ship.


Name: Jules Hartwin Hasenkamp
Age: 39
Birthday: January 27
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"

Regiment: N/A
Rank: 0

Random Facts:
- Second son of a two-child family.
- Joseph, his older brother, is an Envoy.
- Jules is not opposed to the idea of settling on a habitable planet and leaving The Persephone behind. He'd prefer not to do it alone of course, but if he ever found the opportunity he would be all for it.


Warm - Eager - Hopeful - Dorky - Easygoing - Caring - Curious - Trusting - Free Hugs
Jules is a big guy to be sure, but when he informs you through a bark of laughter that it's all wads of fluffy stuffing on the inside he's telling you the truth. Or at least the figurative truth. He's a man, true enough, but he has the temperament of a very large lap dog, and it doesn't take a whole lot to get him to the point where he would gladly curl up on your lap or roll right over for a belly rub--to continue a metaphor that he is especially fond of. Jules likes people. He loves to be around them, loves to make them laugh and to laugh along with them. He feeds off of the energy in a room, and he tries his darndest to keep that scale tipped toward the positive for the good of everyone. There's a lot of darkness out there in space, and on a journey as long as the one they're on it's easy to lose yourself a little.

Maybe that's why he works so hard to keep things upbeat... Life on The Persephone is great, but look out the windows just a little too long and it's possible you might miss the stars for the crushing blackness between them. That loneliness is something Jules feels as deeply as his love for others, and when he finds himself too alone it can sometimes creep up the back of his spine like a chill he can't shake. What if he's wrong about everything? What if the end of their journey isn't eden, but simply emptiness?

No. No that's not how this story ends.

Thankfully it's relatively easy to cheer Jules up most of the time. A quick stroll through the common areas and he's back to his usual cheery self. Vector, his cutiefly partner, is great about getting him back on his feet when he needs that nudge, and he's got Jules' complete adoration and respect for always being there for him.

That's simply how Jules is with his friends, and he'd like to believe just about everyone is his friend. He'd give you the shirt off his back after knowing you an hour if it would cheer you up. You can count on it.

And then there's his curious streak. Jules' other great love in life is learning, and ultimately sharing what he's learned. It was always his greatest desire to be a researcher of some kind, and while it might be hard to believe judging simply by his usual laid-back attitude the man did get into trouble a few times as a kid for trying to get into parts of the ship where he wasn't allowed. To be honest he's still not entirely comfortable with some of the restrictions that the population of The Persephone have placed on them regarding where they may or may not go. Some of it is for safety, sure, but who couldn't use a trip through the ship's gardens once in a while? They're spending their whole lives cooped up like this after all. That's the way it is though, in't it? Jules accepts it now, though he likes to raise his concerns when he has an appropriate space to. All in all he's satisfied with the research he gets to do and the people he gets to meet, and who knows where they'll all wind up in the end?


Quiet - Relatively Happy - Uneventful
There are children born into families with names recognized the world over, hoisted immediately into a place of greatness on their parents' shoulders without having to do a single thing themselves to establish a reputation, and then there are those born into families so trivial they might as well have been born on a planet so distant nobody would ever notice it. The Hasenkamp family was the latter, known well enough that their neighbors could have probably spelled the name correctly on a good day, but shadows beyond that. They didn't have any outstanding skills or loads and loads of credits to throw around on fancy dinner parties. No, Henri and Annette Hasenkamp led quiet lives without much aspiration toward more than what they had.

Joseph and Jules, their sons, for the most part followed that pattern. Joseph, three years the oldest, turned out more like his parents than Jules did, opting for cyber school over attending his classes in person and spending time with very few people. No one could say he was antisocial really because as a boy he was always quite happy to play with the friends he did have and was often seen out and about with Jules. It was more that Joseph was happy with fewer people in his life. Jules on the other hand enjoyed befriending anyone he could. If ever there would be a Hasenkamp who made a name for himself, Jules would be the one.

And yet for all his outgoing personality Jules never seemed interested in being "well-known". Uneventful was a fair way to describe his life growing up. Aside from the scolding Jules received for trying to access the ship's gardens when he was 16 there wasn't a whole lot he got mixed up in. He stayed within the lines for the most part, had his heart broken twice, repaired it, fell into more than one series of stories so hard he could have wept when they ended (and he did once, when he was 11 and struggling with the idea that he was a space nomad without a home). He was a bright kid, and he did what bright kids did. And then he grew up.

Jules moved out on his own a little over a year after Joseph left their family quarters, and after toying with various ideas of where he wanted to go with his life. There was plenty out there for him to choose from. He looked into Eugenics and the Medical Staff, and for a few weeks he was sure he would be a great Scholar. In the end though he realized the one thing he truly wanted was to see the universe and meet the people in it. Seeing and understanding the worlds out there was likely the only way he would find the feeling of home he was looking for.


Partner Slots


Pokemon: Cutiefly
Link to the registry: To Be Filled
Vector, with all due respect and affection, is a nerd. He's happiest when he's busy working at something or another, and is quite mechanically inclined. He isn't especially social, a stark contrast to the man he's partnered with, but he will interact when he must. Vector loves Jules and trusts him completely even if he's sometimes a bit sarcastic with the man. They look out for each other above all else because Vector is family, and that's all there is to it.


Methods: Comments, Notes, Google Docs (Anonymously)
Style: Short paragraphs mostly
Status: I'd like to, but I may be slow!
It's been a long while since I've done the RP thing
and I'm trying to get back into it.


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