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Your little Sapphire is here to see you! Jester is ready to go :)

Funny how this pose was discarded a couple of months ago and now here we are, full color finished piece! I really hope you like it. This is the most obvious background of them, I think. That is, save for the ones in the series that don’t really mean anything.

Now let’s see if I can do Caduceous before tuesday + some DnD stickers! Wish me luck
Long may they reign.

Here’s Molly! Please check out the details I worked so hard on I need to go to fix my neck now hahah…

The backgrouns is referencing the tarot card The Moon, although it’s not the same. In the place of two towers there are two gravestones, and no dogs or any other animals are arround. On the ground there are poppies, just as I did for Molly’s tattoo. I don’t know if that’s what Taliesin had in mind, but I like the idea of flowers in their tattoos. On the sky there’s the moon with a third eye thingy pyramid symbol just because I thought it would be funny to reference this joke that goes around about Tal xD
I did my best designing Molly’s clothes while still keeping lots of the original character design, because that coat thingy is to die for. Almost literally, dang.

I hope you like it!
Caleb and Frumpkin
Caleb Widogast and Frumpkin for the set of the Mighty Nein I’m working on. So much orange! That’s unusual for me hahah, I’m so into blues, pinks and yellows and I don’t even know how.
Well I hope you like it!

Commission portrait-also-token for one of my DnD fellow players. This is Alana, our half-elf cleric. She’s awesome, let me tell you ;)

I hope you like it! I’m very happy with the face and colors <3

Commission price sheet:
This is misi-chan 's character, one of her children at TheMerryMabari ^^ Poor thing has suffered so much during his life I wanted to give him something nice. I hope he can be happy one day.
New prices available, if you have any questions please send me a message and I'll reply asap :)

As always, I need money for my expenses (caring for cat, art supplies, paying for conventions and the trip there, printing prints (lol), upgrading my tools, BILLS), and I could use some help! Sharing is also a way of helping me find new clients :D Thank you in advance!

 Cb79feb02f041411a7f69f0e1bb3a008 by Blueberry-me 


Heads by Blueberry-me


Flat Half Body Sample 2 by Blueberry-me 
COMPLETE half body by Blueberry-me


Full Body Samble by Blueberry-me 2 Complete Full Body by Blueberry-me

SKETCH (half body only)

Sketch Sample by Blueberry-me


Illustration Sample 1 by Blueberry-me  Kitsunebi by Blueberry-me

  • Payment by PAYPAL and EURO.
  • Backgrouns can be added to complete full body commissions with a price increase starting at +10€.
  • Every extra character costs half as much as the first one. Sample: 2 full body characters with flat colours would be 35€ for the first character and 17,50€ the second.
  • Full illustrations start at a minimun of 50€ and will increase depending on the amount of detail and stuff that is featured in there (number of characters, etc.). Price might also increase depending on the use the illustration will have, like if it’s for a cover of a book or other commercial use. Send me a message with your request and we’ll talk about the job and a fair price.
  • Clothing: In all cases, characters will be wearing standard clothes influenced by their context. Meaning: nothing complicated like shirts or dresses, and always in a style that makes sense to them (medieval, futuristic, modern fashion, etc. ). Unless you want something else!
  • If your commission requires: elaborated armor, elaborated outfits, animals, machinery, weapons, anthropomorphic creatures more complicated than ordinary human/elf/dwarf (i.e: a half-man half-scorpion dude from planet torso with six arms or something), price might increase in a range from +5€ to +15€.
  • I will draw: erotica/porn, elaborated outfits, fanart, furry, gore, furniture, design outfits or armors and weaponry.
  • I will NOT draw: animal cruelty, rape scenes, detailed machinery.
  • I will need you to send me references so I can draw what you'd like to have. Photos, drawings, links to galleries, texts with descriptions, fanart, fanfic, or any other means to describe the character/s or place/s as much as possible.
  • If you want me to design a character from scratch that's a different kind of commission that will be charged differently, so please send me a message if you're interested.

1. Send me a message with all the info
 about what you want in your commission, an email address you use for the Paypal address you'll use for payment and email address to send you the finished work. Extra info about characters, photos and other references can be sent in this first email too. SEND ME THE MESSAGE HERE OR TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS:
2. Wait for my answer.
3. Payment through Paypal. After we've talked and agreed about the price, I'll send you an invoice through Paypal. Then, I'll wait until Paypal sends me a notice that the payment has been properly done. 
4. Payment confirmation. I send you a message telling you that the payment has been received and I will start the commission.
5. If your commission is a complete full body or an illustration I will send you a sketch or two before I start inking/painting. YOU CAN REQUEST A PREVIEW FOR OTHER STYLES, that's ok too, but you need to ask for it.
6. I send you the finished commission to your email.


  • FORMAT: A3,vertical or landscape.
  • RESOLUTION: 300dpi 
  • COLOUR: RGB, if you want CMYK for printing and hanging on your walls or something, please ask for it! :D
  • If you need different formats please ask :)

Commissions are for personal use only. You cannot repost them on your webs, blogs, as cover of any kind, etc. If you want to use them somewhere, please ask first and always add a link to the original source and credit me. 
I will post the commissions atDeviantArt, Tumblr, Twitter, my Facebook artist page, as well as use it in my porfolios. You can ask me not to post it anywhere, I'll respect that decission if you want to keep it private. 
PLEASE always ask for permission to use my art, please please ask! And respect my decision if I say no! 
If you want to use YOUR commission as an icon or something that's okay! But credit me somewhere and link to the source!

You can contact me through messages here, through any of my other sites (Tumblr and Twitter), or my email
*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 
  • Listening to: PoE ost.
  • Reading: Memes.
  • Watching: Brooklyn Nine Nine.
  • Playing: Pillars of Eternity WM II DLC
  • Eating: My feels.
  • Drinking: Tears.


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Toñi Gil
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Artist. Comic artist. Fan artist. Colorist. Lots of -ists. Kind of graphic designer.

Current Residence: The very south.
Operating System: Windows 10.
Currently working on: The Brothel -…
Follow me on Tumblr for sketches, wips and stuff I don't put here to keep the gallery clean. I also do polls and other stuff there! -
Speak Spanish? I'm also in subcultura, a webcomics website:…




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