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Free!Halloween ~ Haru


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Free!Halloween ~ Haru


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Rise of the Bangtan


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Imagine# U-Kwon from Block B

I'm on my way to Block B dorm to be with my bestfriend U-kwon. I and U-kwon are childhood friends and it have been a few weeks ago when I met him. I knocked on the door and Kyung opened the door. *___-shi long time no see, come in~* Kyung Said and let me in. *Yeah it have been a long time* I Said and walked inside. I took off my shoes and walked to the Livingroom there The other's were. U-kwon come to me and gave me a big hug and I hugged him back. *I have missed you ___-ah* U-Kwon Said. *I have missed you too Oppa~* I Said with a smile. We stopped to hug each other and I looked over to the other's. *So you haven't missed us?* P.O Said with a

Kpop Fanfic

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Halloween Party


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Bangtan Boys_Suga

Requests and Games Played

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Sweetie Belle - My Little Pony


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Thumbs up


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Finaly( commission)

Boy Love BL

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My Best Enemy


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*Love me. Liberate me*

Tokio Hotel

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Designer Fairytale: ARIEL+ERIC

Other Disney

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Belle_Sexified II

Belle aka Beauty

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BDB Qhuinn

Black Dagger Brotherhood

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15 Days

15 Days -A BlackHawk Oneshot Fanfiction For 15 days, I've been writing This letter from me to you I still haven't received a reply But I'll keep waiting. On the 1st day, I woke up In a room of white I didn't remember anything But I remembered you. On the 2nd day, all I could think of Were the red licking flames of your hair As I lay in the hospital bed And wondered where you were. On the 3rd day I woke in immense pain They didn't tell me what happened And the only painkiller I had Was the memory of your smile. On the 4th day the pain was better I read through the get-well letters The strange names breezed by me As I sea

The Avengers

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never apologize

Quotes Secrets

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I had a standing arrangement with God

Vampire Academy

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I Have Died For You


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Weapons Collection_Kili

Hobbit and LOTR

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Once Upon A Time Emma Swan

Assorted TV Series

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CK: The Nightmare

Assorted Music Cirque du Soliel

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Outsiders Confessions...

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Jack Frost

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Zutara- Reunion

    Zuko ran his fingers through his hair. Toph smirked at his side.    "Feeling a little nervous over there Sparky?" Toph asked. Zuko shot a glare knowing very well she couldn't see.    "No. I'm fine." Zuko said curtly.    "Are you reassuring me, or you?"    "Toph, please, not today." Zuko begged.    Today was the GAang reunion. The war had ended five years ago during which time, Zuko and Katara had started dating. A little less than a year ago, they broke up in a fight. Zuko hadn't seen her since then, but today, seeing her was inevitable. Zuko's uncle took place of the throne until Zuko felt ready to become Fire Lord. Which he felt

Manga Anime

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Sailor Saturn

Sailor Moon

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Heavenly Princess


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AC IV: Black Flag - Edward Kenway Painting

Assassins Creed

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boggart - 46


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Sweet Gardener


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Demon Queen Stock

Pretty Dresses

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Say my name


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Moony and Padfoot


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BBC Sherlock x Watson - TheThings I Never Realized


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