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.:Shades of Teal:.



.:Shades of Teal:.

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Wow. This took a few days to do for some reason...

This is Shade the Echidna from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. I love her character, so I just had to draw her again. -v-

I'd mature this for spoilers, but it isn't much of a secret anymore because of SEGA's habit of leaking images before a game even comes out and because Shade takes her helmet off the first time you meet her in the game, so it ain't much of a spoiler.

Frankly, I was hoping that Shade would keep her helmet on more. It looks cool, and you see her with it so little in the game... Just that first cutscene with her and her level-up screen... Kind of disappointing... Also I wish that the secret of the Nocturnus' species being kept longer. Almost immediately after you find Knuckles you run into Shade and Knuckles is like, "HOLY SHIT, she's an echidna!!" Secret blown sky high.

...I had, like, crap loads to say about this pic, but I forgot what I wanted to say... Damn.

Well, Enjoy. Comment if you favorite, please. I've had lots of fave-and-runners lately.

Character is trademarked to BioWare/SonicTeam
Art is copyrighted to *BlueBead
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