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XMen Film Series Timeline v3

Third Update after watching X-Men: Days of Future Past. Should be final until more movies get released (X-Men: Apocalypse in 2016).
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I still have problems to understand, why Charles still lives in the DFOP Movie in the origin timeline. He died in the last stand. 

i have to say that I don't watch the second wolverine Movie at the moment. Is there a hint, why he surived or anything like else?

The new timeline must have days of future past at the end. It's the end where Charles explaines wolverine what happend in the time where he has a memory gap. :)
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How Charles is alive is explained (slightly) in a short post-credit scene at the end of The Last Stand.
Cool timeline, however now that Wolverine has changed the past, the whole sentinel thing doesn't happen, so surely the new timeline shouldn't have days of future past at the end?
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I refer to the new ending of Days of Future Past (where everyone is alive) being the end of the new timeline.
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Actually, it's been confirmed that the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot will not have a shared universe with the X-Men franchise.
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Yes. I've already made a note of it. Thanks.
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